The E3 2010 Primer: Microsoft

Last year, Microsoft debuted Project Natal, a control scheme that aimed to eliminate the need for a conventional controller and add a new level of interactivity to gaming. Instead of being shown off at the traditional press conference, Microsoft is holding a special event, complete with a performance by Cirque du Soleil, the day before their conference exclusively to show off Natal. This is where we’ll find out the big information that everyone’s been waiting for since last year: launch date, pricing, and initial titles. We might not get to see every Natal title that Microsoft has up their sleeves, but we should get a nice idea on what we’ll be able to buy this holiday season and how much of our wallet will be disappearing.

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INC NATE21312922d ago

Microsoft is also releasing a new exclusive that is suppose to be real big. Not to mention there is for sure going to be an Xbox 360 slim... WITH NATAL! and guess how much $300. only reason why i know this is because my cousin is setting the stage up for the 360 E3 expo and they do practices of there announcements at E3. technically i can get him fired for saying tell you guys this bc he isnt suppose to let anyone know but he told me.

N4GAddict2922d ago

Microsoft should have a lot for E3

-Alpha2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

If that's true then wow. Now I feel stupid for buying an Elite if a slim model is coming with Natal. $300 for all that sounds fantastic... MS is basically packaging in Natal with every console... would that mean Non-Natal packages will exist, meaning the price of the 360 goes even lower?

I can easily see MS announce a price drop and that would definitely help with a sales boost.

I wonder what their new exclusive is. More games exclusive to the 360 the better for MS.

INC NATE21312922d ago

and see thats the other great thing, all though my cousin never mentioned it. im sure if natal is coming bundled with the 360, and that is the elite model, the other model with the 60gb is gonna be 249.99 now what makes that so great is that Microsoft is going to have a price drop for all the old models. making a normal 360 199.99 and the normal elite 249.99

boodybandit2922d ago

You really went out on a limb there! /s

I'm not a primer guy. Waste of money unless you are covering up stains or dark colors with light colors.

But I am looking forward to see what MS and Sony have in store for us gamers.

redDevil872922d ago

I believe you INC, surfergirls recent predictions have come true so far and the 360 in built with natal was part of it.

blu_yu_away2922d ago

Funny how everyone on the internet is "related" to someone with inside info. Not necessarily calling you a liar, but too many people have played that card in the past for me to get my hopes up.

Sarcasm2922d ago

I would buy an Xbox360 slim if they came out with one. Summer's coming up and I need a new beer coaster.

Socrates2922d ago

Yeah, no offense to you, but since we don't know you personally we don't know whether we should believe you or not. I mean, I'm not getting on you, but only time will tell I guess.

I'm looking forward to see what Microsoft announces at E3. Just the Natal stuff alone is enough to fill me with anticipation.

doG_beLIEfs2922d ago

"technically i can get him fired for saying tell you guys this bc he isnt suppose to let anyone know but he told me."

So 2 possibilities

Either you are telling the truth and you dont give a chit about your cousins job for your own personal anonymous internet thread glory or

You are full of CHIT and just making CHIT up.

$300 seems awfully CHEAP for a flagship MS product. Just going by their history they are not the most competitive in price especially in the console peripheral world.

Considering that Sony and Nintendo passed up on this tech and 1 of the reasons was price....I find it hard to beLIEve that MS would sell Natal and a 360 so cheap.

INC NATE21312922d ago

See I know hes not going to get fired. its not like I used my real name when i signed up for this site so there not gonna know. But see the only reason why MS is doing, making this bundle so cheap, is because sony is catching up quick and MS knows if they want to win, there going to have make this very cheep and affordable. If they dont MS knows they can kiss there ass good bye if they dont. they know and so does everyone else. Oh and there announcing a slim hdd which in my point is stupid but i guess some people want it.

markbob2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Can you explain how MS is setting up the stage when there will be a group using the South Hall (normally the section of the convention center that MS holds their conference).

The group Church of God in Christ - 2010 Women's International Convention (COGIC)will be in the South Hall till the 4th of June????

Sony and Nintendo tend to use the West Hall

I hope its true. I could easily see a 250gb Elite/ elite Slim with NATAL for $300 and an Arcade with NATAL for $200

But I dont think your cousin setting the stage up

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N4GAddict2922d ago

All 3 will have big shows at E3

Sarcasm2922d ago

Whoa whoa whoa... let's not go there! We all know Nintendo's going to suck.

NecrumSlavery2922d ago

Nintendo is the only ones who haven't been revealing their big names. So I'm going on a limb and saying they will crush when they drop the WiiHD .

Sony & MS are going to show their Motion

Sony will push 3D and their new Premium Service

The biggest E3 Suprises to come, I can't even think of what they would be. With Gears and KZ 3 revealed, what's next? All the franchises have their new titles revealed.
Maybe it'll be Mass 3 vs Uncharted 3

doG_beLIEfs2922d ago

I will take that bet. There is NO WAY Nintendo will unveil a WiiHD....especially after seeing what Sony has with a more precise and lag free wand that knows where it is at all times in 3D space and has the ability to augment reality....BTW...all of the Move tech is patented so the Big N would have to go in a CAMERALESS direction and that is a technical challenge to be sure.

We will see 3DS and the typical casual crap with a game or 2 announcement at a more core game of some established franchise.

NecrumSlavery2922d ago

I'm giving nintendo a final chance at keeping their heads afloat.
They really have gave the big F U to us faithful hardcore nintendo fans, and I am hoping they show us they are still great

PandemicPrawn02922d ago

I wonder if a new console announcement from either of the big three would be enough to “win” E3 for them?

I have a feeling that the next gen is closer than most of us would like to think.

crapgamer2922d ago

I am stoked about this years E3. I am looking forward to the Microsoft event in particular.
A slim Xbox 360 would be huge, but everything else on that list is a given. Killer Instinct 3, Forza 4, Ninja Gaiden, Dead Or Alive, Lost Odyssey 2, Blue Dragon 2, Prey 2, Panzer Dragoon, Shenmue 3, Perfect Dark or something along those lines would be a better prediction and going out on a limb.
I called the slim and Natal bundle for $250 5 months ago.
ALso I don't want games announced just for the sake, like Agent on the PS3 last year, no info, no gameplay, no nothing.
So I don't want to hear "Mass Effect 3" and then see nothing on it.

starchild2922d ago

I don't know about $250 for a slim 360 and Natal bundle...that seems a bit too low to me. But I agree with most of everything else you wrote. I am really excited for E3 and to see what Microsoft will show.

PRHB HYBRiiD2922d ago

pgr5 pgr5 i want pgr5 made by turn 10 with forza 3 graphics with bikes...same arcade gameplay :)

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