Sony's PS3 Reached 31% Market Share in Q1 2010

Sony's PlayStation 3 console increased its global market share of current generation consoles to 31% in Q1 2010, according to analysis published by the Strategy Analytics.

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NYC_Gamer2886d ago

ps3 is eating up the market now days

sikbeta2886d ago

That's a Great Work, Keep it Up Sony, Congrats and don't forget to Produce PS3s non-stop cos now everyone wants the Console that Only Does Everything...

StanLee2886d ago Show
food862886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

because sony is gaining ground in less time than it took Ms. think about it this way. If Ms and Sony have a lifespan of 8 years I guarantee you that Sony will have 80 million or more consoles sold and Microsoft might have 65 or less. Im only saying this because since sony launched sony has sold around 10 mill a year and even surpassed that number in 09. Ps3 has staying power some of you people are just short sighted and see it as a small race.

edit: @ StanLee

some of these people aren't looking after companies, their looking for gaming and entertaiment. Now I agree Ms had some troubles that they fixed but even now how many people argue that ms numbers are fudged with bans and systems malfunctions and their early headstart. Can you say the same for Sony? I thought you fanboys cared about numbers! If anything you people always criticize sony even though you never mention their high price or accept the fact that sony started 1 year later which cuts into why their numbers arent equal to Ms. Next ull go and say yeah but Nintendo still sold more than ms and 1 year later. Nintendo is catering to a different market that honestly will not be with them next generation cus thats all they are a fad.

StanLee2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

Dude, what I'm talking about is the absolute hypocrisy of this site. Microsoft achieves parity but they failed. Sony shares parity and they're applauded. I don't see how that makes sense. It doesn't but again, fanboys aren't rational are they?

XabiTheHumble2886d ago

Do you know how long it took for the previous installments of the Playstation consoles to reach 100 million consoles respectively? No, you probably don't because you wouldn't be here saying stupid comments like "Sony and the Playstation brand dominated 2 previous generations, now 4 years into this gen they're aiming for parity." Did you know that the PS3 is selling better then the ps1 did at the same time during its life span? No, you probably don't because you wouldn't be sitting here saying stupid comments like "Sony and the Playstation brand dominated 2 previous generations, now 4 years into this gen they're aiming for parity." . Did you know that the ps3 is the third fastest selling console of all time? No, you probably didn't because you wouldn't be sitting here saying stupid comments like "Sony and the Playstation brand dominated 2 previous generations, now 4 years into this gen they're aiming for parity.". How much did Sonys first console sell? 100 million, a record breaking 100 million at that, while dethroning the current king at the time (Nintendo). So I don't want to hear any excuses about how Microsoft came from nothing. Now we are looking at the Xboxs 2nd generation into this thing. A year headstart, Having the Media of one of the most powerful and influential country in the world by their side and they are only 5 million consoles ahead of the PlayStation 3 and still on route to eating third place dirt? FAIL!!

doG_beLIEfs2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

Wow man, that was one of the BEST internet thread smackdowns that I have ever seen.

I am still laughing as I type this.

In the words of Smokey....

Of course this epic smackdown brought to us by Kenrocc could be used for many, many 360 fanboys that we have seen through the years...including staff from other blogs...cough...cough...Kotaku ugh...cough...Edge

blackmagic2886d ago

"Did you know that the PS3 is selling better then the ps1 did at the same time during its life span?"

Actually, this isn't really true anymore. By the fourth fiscal year the PS1 had sold 32.82M and the PS3 sold 35.7M units but at the end of the first quarter in the fifth year the PS1 had sold 37.32M. Considering the PS1 wasn't even available outside of japan until the third quarter of it's second fiscal year plus Sony's 'shortages' of late, I'd say that the PS3 is no longer outselling the PS1 which moves it down a spot to the fourth fastest selling console.

commodore642886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

@ blackmagic

Thankyou, dude, for putting the trolls in their place with the real facts.

At the end of the day, the trolls above cannot argue with real data and accurate numbers.


Anon19742886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

That's basically what I'm getting from your statement.
You can't just say "Yeah, the numbers say the PS3 is selling more, but if you take these numbers out then it's different!"

The PS3 also had shortages. Why not make an adjustment for that? And also wasn't available worldwide for months. Where did you factor that fact into the equation? It was also carried a hefty price tag and new tech that many wouldn't invest in until a winner in the format wars emerged. Did you make an adjustment for slow sales due to undecided BluRay/HDDVD buyers? What about competition from the Wii and the firmly entrenched competition from the 360. The PSone didn't have to face either of those factors. How about the fact that the PS3 managed to maintain it's sales as the most expensive console on the market despite the worst, worldwide economic downturn we've seen since the great depression?

Each console had it's unique struggles. You can't simply look at one side of the equation and dismiss data based on assumptions you made from that. Usually if the facts don't suit your theory, it's because your theory is wrong.

The facts are there. PS3 is the faster selling console given the same amount of time on market. I'm not sure why you would bother spinning those facts, but you're spinning none the less.

XabiTheHumble2886d ago

@Darkride66 Exactly
@blackmagic like darkride said why didn't you make the adjustments for the ps3 shortages?
@commodore64 So because I bring facts I'm a troll?

soxfan20052886d ago

The PS1 started off much slower than PS3, but gained sales in a way in which PS3 simply will be unable to.

In PS1's third year, Sony sold 19+ million. In PS1's fourth year, Sony sold 21+ million. And, in PS1's fifth year, Sony sold 18+ million.

PS3 sold 13 million in it's most recent year, and Sony is predicting 15 million for the current year.

PS3 was equal to PS1 after three years only because of PS1's slow start. Once PS1 took off, it put up numbers for three straight years that PS3 will never equal.

n4gno2886d ago

soxfan, US is not the world !

blackmagic2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Wow, whos spinning here? Every point you brought up was spin. I'm not talking coulda woulda shoulda here, I'm talking cold hard numbers right off of Sony's own site. By the end of their fourth fiscal year the PS1 sold 32.82M and the PS3 sold 35.7M. Period. That's a cold hard fact. No coulda woulda shoulda about it. In it's fifth fiscal year the PS1 sold another 21.6M bringing it to 54.42M total. The ps3 is expected to sell 14M in it's fifth fiscal year which will bring it to 49.7M. Therefore, at some point this year, the PS1 will rise from 4th fastest selling console to 3rd fastest selling console and the PS3 will drop from 3rd fastest selling console to 4th fastest selling console. You can coulda woulda shoulda that to death if you like but that's what's happening right now as we speak. The PS1 sold 1.5M a month during the first quarter of it's fifth fiscal year and the PS3 is not anywhere near that right now...

As for my "spin"... The ps3 was launched a month earlier than the PS1 in it's first fiscal year and it was available in all three major territories right from launch whereas the ps1 was only available in Japan. That's a fact. In it's second fiscal year, the PS1 was again only available in Japan until the third quarter while the PS3 continued to be available in all three major territories. That is also a fact. Shortages? Well, some on this site WOULD say that is spin. They would say there aren't shortages and sales are just slow. I think the shortage of supply IS causing lower sales than anticipated so will they make that expected 14M?

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niceguywii602886d ago

Won't matter in 6 months. Sony's market share will be smaller that it has ever been. Mark my words.

sikbeta2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

Why... cos you're praying to GOD or something? lol guy is not gonna happen, Sony is in the Gaming Business to Stay, people want to buy PS3s, what are you gonna do to counter that? The only Problem with the PS3 this Gen was only the Price, when the Price goes Down, even more people will going to buy PS3s, Mark My Words, when the PS3 reaches $250 price tag, everything like last Gen with the PS2, will repeat with the PS3

Kratos Spartan2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

consider them marked...

Ilikegames762886d ago

saying the 360 is the most reliable console in the market.

Inside_out2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

WOW...what was the PS2 market share...Hmmm....After E3...15%...After holiday 2010...10%....After KZ3 3d...55%....

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ActionBastard2886d ago

Man...they are doooooooomed!

*Back to RDR PS3*

RioZen2886d ago

still remember when ps3 was gunna fail and it was going to be the last console for sony!, pft ppl love to hate

Rowsdower2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

just let it go

i look around this thread and the only one bringing up stupid fanboy shit from the past are you folks. Why bring up that BS in here at all, I swear sometimes I think you folks just wanna fight, and if you dont see a fight you try to pick one yourselves.

JAMurida2886d ago

lol, I don't even bother trying to tell them anymore. I just look at it as comedy now. That's why I like N4G, get news on games and laugh at stuff the same time.


Hotel_Moscow2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

cant let go of the past after what the ps3 fans have went through they deserve it or do we have to go to the google archives of the year 2006

doG_beLIEfs2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

MS fanboys are like Republicans....when the dish out the crap over and over its ok and if anyone complains you mock them...HOW MANY PS3 DOOMED articles did we see? Blu-ray is NOT needed? HDMI? Wifi? No good games? Sub par ports? (we still see those)

when the SAME THING is done back to you (though the only difference is what Sony fans are saying is TRUE) complain and moan about it like little baby girls

Like I act like Republicans

So I think I speak for alot of people when I say.....

Faaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuccccck kkkkkkkkk Oooooofffffffffffff!!!!!



Keep up the good work Mr. Tretton.

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