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Submitted by Caspel 2090d ago | review

GameZone: Dementium II Review

"Dementium II is the video game equivalent to a straight-to-video slasher. It doesn’t try very hard, or at least successfully, to be innovative. It shamelessly recycles the original FPS, along with influences from the Silent Hill series, The Suffering, and the film, Jacob’s Ladder. I don’t mind a little imitation, pulling elements from here and there, but first you need to have a clue what to do with those elements." (Dementium II, Nintendo DS) 4/10

athmaus  +   2090d ago
no thanks!
Azule61  +   2090d ago
I never trust shooters on the ds
Nakerman  +   2090d ago
I thought the original looked pretty good...
Blaze929  +   2090d ago
SouthPeak Interactive
...'nuff said
barefootgamer  +   2090d ago
" video game equivalent to a straight-to-video slasher..."

Ha! Pass!
AlexC  +   2090d ago
Looks horrifying - and not in the good way.
mistermostyn  +   2089d ago
First one was pretty creepy. Shame the sequel doesn't appear to hold up.
kimvidard  +   2089d ago
the first one was so creepy...

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