Twisted Metal PS3 hinted at in clownsplosion? Project's director says no.

The image of a clown face-shaped mushroom cloud rising over a barren landscape set off years of pent up emotions on NeoGAF, yesterday. With a PlayStation 3 logo in the lower right corner of the art, fans began to speculate that the black-and-white image signaled Sweet Tooth's return.

It looks like those fans are going to have to keep hoping.

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timmyp534166d ago

warhawk .. they should start a twisted metal game

GoLeafsGo4166d ago

I think they're already done with it.
It's a month from release, so I'm sure it's already gone gold.

Then again, with a PSN launch, when it goes gold might be a lot closer to release.

C'mon, guys. You KNOW this thing will sell well, and the world will love you further.

Do it! Do it now!

Odion4166d ago

this story was posted yesterday as well how did it get reapproved?

GoLeafsGo4166d ago

The rumor was reported yesterday.

This is confirmation that the clown was just an ad, and had nothing to do with TM.

Odion4166d ago

ok fair enough, I just read the one from yesterday and it doesn't include the real story.

pwnaplaya4166d ago (Edited 4166d ago )

this is not for TM (but I wish it was) I think its for that clown combat game. Check the link

I Wish it was. I also want Black II but...

Marona4166d ago

It has to be Twisted Metal.... there has to be... I want Black II...

Well maybe it is but still....

THE_JUDGE4166d ago

Jaffe and Cory have both stated that the Santa Monica team isn't working on GOW3 and then Jaffe posts stuff about TM on his blog and says that they are filming something dealing with TM that will be used in the future but won't say with what. And then to add to the car game speculation, Jaffe and team were responsible for the PSN title Calling All Cars. Calling All Cars has cars that drive around picking up criminals and taking them to jail and using weapons to stop others from doing it. This makes me question everything now. Curious, very curious....

Give me some freaking bubbles!!!!!

pwnaplaya4166d ago

Good point +1 bubble from me ;)

i Shank u4166d ago (Edited 4166d ago )

got alot of memories playing TM, that game made me buy a multitap, and a PS3 whenever it comes to it. thats some nice AD too w/the clown nuke, I'd bet alot of money TM will be on PS3 in the future

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