Top Ten Secrets: Red Dead Redemption

NG: A quick rundown of our favourite stuff that may pass you by like tumbleweed in the night...

What can be said about Rockstar’s wild west opus that hasn’t already been said? Nothing at all. In actual fact there’s probably at least forty other bastards opening their Red Dead Redemption articles in similar fashion; by pointing out the implied quality imbued the game by the diminishing number of original ways that remain to describe it. Ignore all that, it’s arse.

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darkmurder2918d ago ShowReplies(4)
MiamiACR2917d ago

I can't get enough of this game, fantastic. I'm leaving the exploring and finding secrets for myself however, don't want to spoil anything.

LOLconsoles2917d ago

Here's an 11th secret I bet you console fellows didn't know about : This game would've been 10 times greater had it be PC only.

AliTheBrit192917d ago

The PC Fanboy, a rare and retarded breed.

inveni02917d ago

Not so much rare as on the verge of extinction.


...and slowly being stamped out... one by one

Legosz2917d ago

Just like the neanderthal being wiped out once by one.

AliTheBrit192917d ago


I plan on eventually getting 100%, this is the kind of game I want to get every bit out of.

The_Zeitgeist2917d ago

The game is so fun. It's so much more immersive than Grand Theft Auto.

pantatkaula2917d ago

I love hunting the animal and searching for the treasure.. for some reason.. getting killed a few times by cougar, wild boar and grizzlies only make me want to go and hunt some more..

So far this game is manage to stand tall with the rest of the PS3 exclusive that I have purchased this year..

The only problem that have with this game is we can't swim.. I fell into the river a few times because my horse were running too fast.. a bad a$$ who don't know how to swim.. remind me of the early days with GTA III...

One more thing.. curse those wolves!!!

karllive1612917d ago

I actually like the wilhelm scream lol its pretty funny i knew it was wilhelm scream when i first heard it.

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