UK PS3 Store gets updated

Sony have just updated thier online store with a few goodies, first up is The Darkness which gets special treatment in the way of a trailer and a demo (weighing in at 1443mb), also on the store is the latest GTA IV trailer as well as a Rainbow Six Vegas trailer.

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gamehead3469d ago

sigh:( at least we gettin darkness 4 sure

Wolfgang1873469d ago

1.4 gigs, quite a hefty demo. hope this game is fun, was gonna get it anyway.

Coffin873469d ago

yeah very true.
looking forward to the darkness!!

DarkJedi3469d ago

A demo's a demo, I guess. Been wanting to try the darkness too, so not too bad.

Was hoping we'd have got heavenly sword too, but I can wait...

Vip3r3469d ago

Finally a decent store update.

VaeVictus3469d ago

Not bad, Darkness this week, should get Heavenly Sword next week. Pretty sweet.

Delive3469d ago

It's ok, I'll try the demo tonight.

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The story is too old to be commented.