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AttackOfTheFanboy: 5 Things We’d Do Differently With Uncharted 3

Sony has seemingly started teasing about the plot and first location to be visited by Nathan Drake in his next adventure. Could Drake be going to Norway to visit the home of polar explorer Roald Amundsen. Only thing is he went missing in 1928. But that got us thinking. What other famous explorers and historical figures have disappeared over the years and what adventures could they springboard for Drake in Uncharted 3. (PS3)

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math  +   1961d ago
You know what they say. If it aint broke...
Double Toasted  +   1961d ago
I wish they would add meat-shields...
jmare  +   1961d ago
I wish people who run blogs would stop acting like they know better than developers as to what they should be doing. It's asinine and insulting to the developers.
Razmossis  +   1961d ago
Criticism raises standards
jmare  +   1960d ago
Criticism without a base of knowledge is worthless. It's like me going to NASA and saying, "Hey, you're fucking up the shuttle program. Do something different." While I may be correct, my lack of knowledge on the subject makes my criticism worthless. Constructive criticism does help, but this isn't constructive criticism. It's a list of other possible scenarios for Uncharted 3's story.
BeaArthur  +   1961d ago
Here's my idea...don't change the health system in the multiplayer after it's already been out for 4 months.

Back on topic, I think any of those would be cool ideas.
southernbanana  +   1961d ago
I wish they would put less scenes that envolve Nathan falling and barely grasping a stable platform. There were so many of these in Uncharted 2 I personally thought it became annoying and ruined otherwise exciting parts of the game. The Uncharted series is still one of my favorites on the PS3. It's definately everything Tomb Raider should have been this generataion.
IHateYouFanboys  +   1960d ago
agree about the "less scenes that envolve Nathan falling and barely grasping a stable platform.". seemed like it happened in every second cutscene, which was every 5 minutes in the game.
Solo227  +   1961d ago
How bout...
Keeping the story believeable... This was first game in a long time that I was basically drooling about the story... Until I get to the latter portions of the game... And it just went from well written realistic story... To dumb crazy magical power and monsters... They completely ruined it for me...

Keep the story realistic and you got a winner...
KiRBY3000  +   1961d ago
yeah, they did that too with the 1st Uncharted. i was like "whaat??"
Wolfmoonstrike  +   1961d ago
In #1 it was more of an ancient virus or disease than magic. Though I agree still not as believable but if you like the resident evil series, I don't see the real problem with it, lol. I also liked the twist.

in #2 I was sad because I knew it was coming, though I didn't know about the life tree and stuff. Though mythology has always been interesting to me.

I hope for #3 that they bring in a different twist instead of monsters because by that point everybody will be looking for them lol.
shadow2797  +   1961d ago
When was Indiana Jones ever believable? Sure it's a bit toned down compared to Uncharted, but that is what these games are basically based off.

The super-natural elements change up the gameplay. It's an Uncharted staple. If you don't like it, don't play them.
Pozzle  +   1960d ago
Personally, I loved the twist at the end of the first game. The 'zombie' enemies shook up the gameplay and added some much-needed variety. Hoardes after hoardes of men with guns gets boring after a while.

and heck, it's not like they appeared out of nowhere. The entire game had hints that something supernatural/weird might be afoot.
Ares84PS3  +   1961d ago
Wow such terrible ideas!!!
The first one is ok but the rest is just laughable.
alb1899  +   1961d ago
For me this game is so good that they can just keep going with what they are doing and will be perfecto!
prettyboy1  +   1961d ago
wut the hell r u guys talkin about
see thats the problem wit u so called gamers u want this and want that but when u have it in the game u completetly disregard it so why dont u leave the game developing up to naughty dog and jus stfu.they havnt let us down wit the first or second so i have the up most faith in them that thier goin to bring it in a whole new kind of experience.peace and gaming
kraze07  +   1960d ago
Most of these comments are legitimate. People aren't trying to take away credit from ND's good work, they're just giving constructive criticism and ideas on how they think the game can be better. Just try to look past all the obvious troll comments and you'll see what I'm talking about.
lavitz  +   1960d ago
@ kraze07
Well said. People are always blindly defending UC2.
Wolfmoonstrike  +   1961d ago
The MV Joyita
Out of all the story ideas put up, that one catches my interest the most. I would like to see what they could come up with that.
ub3r_fry  +   1961d ago
5 things??
So where are they? What would you do?? Bait & switch!!
RageAgainstTheMShine  +   1961d ago
For the love!!!
I am beginning to feel that so many commentators hers aren't gamers and have their brains up their asses!

Once in a blue moon a critically acclaimed perfect game comes to represent the art of video games to the world and a group of SOBs want to crucify it.

I am sure the next game they will bitch about is Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Geez cover your noses or we will all catch it!
kraze07  +   1960d ago
Sorry but Uncharted 2 isn't perfect. No game is perfect.

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