AttackOfTheFanboy: 5 Things We’d Do Differently With Uncharted 3

Sony has seemingly started teasing about the plot and first location to be visited by Nathan Drake in his next adventure. Could Drake be going to Norway to visit the home of polar explorer Roald Amundsen. Only thing is he went missing in 1928. But that got us thinking. What other famous explorers and historical figures have disappeared over the years and what adventures could they springboard for Drake in Uncharted 3.

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math2917d ago

You know what they say. If it aint broke...

Double Toasted2917d ago

I wish they would add meat-shields...

jmare2917d ago

I wish people who run blogs would stop acting like they know better than developers as to what they should be doing. It's asinine and insulting to the developers.

Razmossis2917d ago

Criticism raises standards

jmare2916d ago

Criticism without a base of knowledge is worthless. It's like me going to NASA and saying, "Hey, you're fucking up the shuttle program. Do something different." While I may be correct, my lack of knowledge on the subject makes my criticism worthless. Constructive criticism does help, but this isn't constructive criticism. It's a list of other possible scenarios for Uncharted 3's story.

BeaArthur2917d ago

Here's my idea...don't change the health system in the multiplayer after it's already been out for 4 months.

Back on topic, I think any of those would be cool ideas.

southernbanana2917d ago

I wish they would put less scenes that envolve Nathan falling and barely grasping a stable platform. There were so many of these in Uncharted 2 I personally thought it became annoying and ruined otherwise exciting parts of the game. The Uncharted series is still one of my favorites on the PS3. It's definately everything Tomb Raider should have been this generataion.

IHateYouFanboys2916d ago

agree about the "less scenes that envolve Nathan falling and barely grasping a stable platform.". seemed like it happened in every second cutscene, which was every 5 minutes in the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.