A Very Human War - Too Human Blog Update Plus Two New Screens

A soldier's story can be grim, yet compelling, bringing those fortunate not to witness the terrors of war closer to understanding what kind of hell it truly is. From cautionary classics such as, "All Quiet on the Western Front" and "Storm of Steel," to recent exposés like "Jarhead," "Bravo Two Zero," and "Blackhawk Down," war stories vary widely and go far beyond just the loss of innocence on the battlefield.

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MK_Red4137d ago

The game sick and definitly one that I'm going to buy but "I still think they should adjust the main character a bit and make look a bit smarter, godier and less stupid/brawnish.

power of Green 4137d ago

The dude's cool; have you seen the 2007 E3 XBL video he doesn't seem like a retard the way he looks is up to the player. He seems conflicted and unsure of him self if anything thus the point of his charactor and the game.

That last pic's a Troll(big machine in back ground) and a Goblim.

EDF 20174137d ago

Gears of WHO? Killzone doesn't stand a chance against the 360 lineup, it will be outclassed before it is even released and with a 20 million + budget Killzone 2 looks like crap compared to Gears of War 10,000,000 budget.

ALI G4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

it was BETWEN $9,ooo,ooo.oo - $10,OOO,OOO.OO
Mark Rein
"We spent less than $10 million to make Gears of War. Somewhere between nine and ten million dollars"
while killzone coast $20M to date add the coast of the extra year or so

can someone please give me bubble i will give bubble back(if i have not already give u 1 /or most likely took 1 from u if u r BS3 fanboy )

nice_cuppa4137d ago

thats 20 million so far.
theirs still more time, production, transport, advertising ect..

and i thought ps3 fans weren't into fps's ?

thats allot of money to lose.

i hope every ps3 owner buys kz2 or gorilla might not get another game !

thats got to be some pressure those guys are under.

EDF 20174137d ago

ALI G! Now help me out with a bubble.

nice_cuppa4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

my bubbles on n4g
you pop them and cry,
i refuse to tell you why
you stupid fanboys i hope you die.

bubbles taken from me
fanboys everywhere
fanboys forever blowing my bubbles
oh well i don't care.


"thank you " "thank you "
(i know i suck at arts but there you go !)

i got it back.
thanks guys !
; )
i take it the guy disagreeing is the guy who took it last time !

lol its gone again !

PS360PCROCKS4137d ago

oh ok thanks for your poem...

PS360PCROCKS4137d ago

this game looks fantastic, hopefully they will actually release it this time...

assasshin4137d ago

this game is looking great.

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The story is too old to be commented.