New Project Natal Video

A new video of Project Natal has been emerged.

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FangBlade2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Another closed doors event. shocker -_-
Here's a youtube link -

Hallmark Moment2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Closed doors? Like all the other new motion devices? You're going to pull your PS3 fanboy talking points two weeks before E3? Why did you repost the video?

Are they suppose to walk down the street and let people play it before the World Premiere? I think I'm missing something, are other companies with new devices and tech showing their new products on the street?

EDIT Below

They do, it's the Tech demo showing off what Natal can do. You will have to wait for E3 to see Natal's launch lineup since you guys seem to care about this more than PS3 content. Or course the real reason you wan't to see more is because you wan't to size Natal up so you can spew poison about Natal before normal people can make up their own minds up

mrv3212735d ago


Why is this such a pattern from Xbox 360 supporters. Instead of waiting how about showing?

darkmurder2735d ago Show
anticooper2735d ago

really take it easy, you dont have to take it so personally. im really looking forward to natal, but i got to admit all these richochet videos are getting boring.One more time, relax take it easy its only a piece of hardware PEACE:-)

El Botto2735d ago Show
fr0sty2735d ago

note the cleverly placed camera angles to hide the lag. there is literally only a ONE SECOND shot where you can see both the players and the screen at the same time. The exact reason why they're only showing behind closed doors demos (with no cameras allowed) to begin with. they want to be able to cleverly edit the angles to hide the lag.

Cevapi882734d ago

someone care to tell me what was new about this video...i mean anything...really just one thing

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SasanovaS19872735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

oh how i wish kevin butler went up there on the E3 stage and started waving his hands and feet like an idiot, then laugh it off and grab the move.....that would so be epiccccc

siyrobbo2734d ago

yeah then miyamoto can come onstage with motionplus zelda and upstage the lot of them

Davoh2735d ago

Microsoft really loves that ricochet game.

gaffyh2735d ago

I know, wtf huh? Show something else MS, they must be running really low on announcements if they keep it all till E3.

Hands Up For Games2735d ago

You really have no idea about how business actually works, do you? In you're eyes the only Game available at launch will be this Ricochet game, right?

gaffyh2735d ago

@above - No, you'd really have to be an idiot to even think that. Read what I wrote again.

I'm saying they are leaving every Natal game announcement till E3, possibly because they don't have many non-Natal games to announce. They might do some good walkthroughs of games e.g. Reach, Call of Duty Black Ops (maybe), GeOW3 probably too.

Hands Up For Games2735d ago

Correct me if im wrong but are MS not having a seperate conference the night before E3 to showcase the Natal launch titles? This says to me that they have plenty of Games for Natal to show off and they should have the same for the core conference happening the next day.

Rather than speculate and guess about what MS are going to show, why not wait 20 days and then you'll know for sure what core games and Natal games they have planned?

Sony will show LBP2, KZ3. MS will show Reach, Gears 3. And ill bet my monthly mortgage payment there are loads of surprises and announcements for both platforms, I cant wait!

gaffyh2735d ago

The main reason they are having a Natal-specific conference is because they cannot allow minors in the normal conference. The Natal conference will be for, and I quote, "all ages," so this is the reason. This doesn't mean they will announce a load of games at that conference. For all we know it could just be Ricochet and painting demo for a younger audience.

The second conference is for everything and most likely they will have GeOW3, Fable 3 and Halo Reach which are more mature titles and cannot allow minors in.

SixZeroFour2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

gaffyh, what would you say if sony's e3 showed tons of new footage (gameplay or cinematic) of everything theyve already revealed the past few weeks, with a very few amount of new unannounced, but still great, games with cinematic/gameplay...and ms showed a total of less, but almost as much as sony full lineup, new unannounced games with cinematic/gameplay?

now all of that is hypothetical, but why dont we wait till e3 is done and over with before we start saying "so and so is running out of announcements/games to release"

EDIT: honest question ^^...does that mean sony is not allowing minors in their conference, or that they are not showing mature games in their conference? i would think that sony would be showing mature rated games along with move for everyone, but by your logic, sony shouldnt be allowing minors in for move announcements because they are showing mature rated games?

again, this is an honest question

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iPad2735d ago

Microsoft loves balls.

tiamat52735d ago

*Snort* *Giggle* *Snort *Giggle*

Trroy2735d ago

If you love balls, you're going to love Natal.

commodore642734d ago

if you love marital aids, you're going to love 'move'.


sgw_dec0y2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

While I am intrigued about Natal and Move, I really need to see more than Ricochet to see if Natal is the purchase I want this Fall. I know E3 will give me more news about it but just seems Move has been shown a lot more with different games. I suspect after E3 Natal will start showing a lot more as well.

Bigpappy2734d ago

Good job. Now tell all the others that they will see more Natal games after E3. They only want to see the game with the hope they will suck. If they are good fun games they are still going to say they suck. THen there is a group on the 360 side who are too excited about Natal. They also can't wait 3 weeks. They want info now. In either case M$ is setting the hype meterhigher and higher. Try to hang in there fellas.

IdleLeeSiuLung2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

I can't wait for this year's E3! It's going to be the showdown of the decade!!!

The Wood2735d ago

more people on show that actual footage.......whas the point. I know people like myself may get attacked for saying this but if MS wanna do PR staged videos people like myself will question their product. Its almost as if MS are trying to create this natacool image. Converse and models....*sigh*

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