5 Reasons It's Still Not Cool to Admit You're a Gamer

Let's get this out of the way right now: The only reason I don't have more game consoles hooked to my TV is because I'm out of ports on the back for cables to plug into, and I don't want to have to get off the sofa to switch over. I've been playing video games since the Carter administration. So do not compare me to Roger "I never play video games yet dismiss them as worthless" Ebert here. Just... don't. I would have taken my SNES as my date to senior prom if they had let me.

But the thing is, I grew up. Gaming didn't. Why? Why is it that of all my many hobbies--reading, motocross, Gun Kata--only gaming lowers my sense of self worth? Maybe it's because...

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Natsu X FairyTail2762d ago

kind of a funny read to me but I dont hide the fact that I'm a gamer. To say the truth I dont even mind calling my self a geek in way. I do love Games , ComicBooks , Mangas , PVC action figures , Collectibles, SuperHero Movies japanese Music , UnderGround New School hiphop , Indie music and etc etc

blizzard_cool2762d ago

I agree, why the fuck would I hide the thing I like. I'm not ashamed of my self...

Hideo_Kojima2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

But where I live geeks are now cool.

Edit: The article says its been 30 years and all we had were mindless games but Heavy Rain did very well and was popular towards some casuals.

I think the reason why mindless games seem to be even more popular is because people just want them to be nothing more.

SeanRL2762d ago

What really pisses me off is when you are good at a game or you know a lot about a game and then someone calls you a "gamer" like it's an insult. We're not all fat antisocial people. I work out, I love to act, I've got great friends and I'm a gamer. I don't understand how people think it's an insult to be a gamer.

presto7172762d ago

People still look at me as a "gamer". Even though my rep is steadily climbing. But still...

Hideo_Kojima2762d ago

I know people that are proud hardcore gamers and walk around with N64 Tshirts and yet they are popular.

As long as you have charisma it doesn't matter if you like watching game reviews and marking game releases on you calender.

I think the reason why some gamers are unpopular is because they lack social skills to begin with which makes them boring.

They don't become unpopular because they like games.

The stereotype between uncool and gamers has gone in my area just like the stereotype of people wearing glasses and book worms has vanished in most places.

rockleex2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

That much.

But thankfully Sony's here to provide me with more than just mindless games.

Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, ICO, SOTC, Last Guardian, GT5, etc.

Playstation grew up with me, its the main reason why I'm still a gamer today. Proud to be one. ^_^

rockleex2762d ago

Not if you play MGS games.

The stories are even better than Bond movies. Close to The Dark Knight levels.

How about Xenogears?

Silent Hill 1?

He conveniently forgets that 99% of all movies have crap storylines and are just crap in general.

Videogames are like that too.

Prototype2762d ago

Who cares what people think

I'm a gamer, you either respect me or find someone else to talk to, end of story.

IcarusOne2759d ago

Especially the "shiny tech" argument where fanboys count pixels instead of giving a shit about the game's story or characters. The fact that in one breath people can piss all over Avatar for "having no story and being only about the technology" and then douche a 360 game for being subHD is almost hilarious...

If it weren't for the fact that 90% of the people on N4G are these people.

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ThanatosDMC2762d ago

They think gamers are those weird no life people. Those people are idiots.

Trey_4_life2761d ago

We wouldn't have this issue if it wasn't for the halo geeks ruining the image of gamers.

We all know it's the illiterate children who play that cartoony shooter that gives gamers this image.

Nike2762d ago

I never really found it a prob to be a gamer. I mean, my girlfriend games and has recently gotten into Dragon Age (and flirted with Alistair - f**king Alistair), before which she was into Arkham Asylum and Age of Mythology.

But what I've found is that every one is generally accepting of gamers so long as we don't bring it up in every conversation like it's the only thing we live for (which it obviously isn't - even renowned game journalists like Leigh Alexander admits she'd love other conversation topics besides gaming when she's done with work). I'm pretty sure other professionals don't do that either.

My girlfriend wants to talk about Dragon Age, then I also tell her about AD&D games, Baldur's Gate 2 and Awakenings. Do I preach about the artistic merit of Chrono Trigger while we're having lunch together? For that matter, do attorneys give legal advice, psychologists psychoanalyse or chartered accountants get taxes when doing the same with their loved ones? Not really, and not on a humongous scale.

TrailerParkSupervisr2762d ago

that pic at the end is hilarious! the guy dressed up as a Big Daddy.

PS: don't wear that on your first E-Harmony meet-n-greet.

CellularDivision2762d ago

Ill be honest, I do not call myself a gamer. Ever. Gamers are loosers.


American comics are better than manga.

Ghost Rider (awsome burning skull) vs YuYuHakusho (14 year old kid spirit gun ooh scary)

XabiTheHumble2762d ago

You just basically exposed your self as an example of point number 2. Instead of focusing on the story of the manga your to worried about how cool the character looks. 12 year old confirmed.

IcarusOne2759d ago

What was the point of that comment?

MisterNiwa2762d ago

But you hate the Playstation, ohohohohoho.

Ok so, I agree with most of you guys..

If I were to say that I enjoy games, and someone would be like:"Really? You are a Gamer?" Id just say: "Yeah.. so what?"

Geez, people these days.

HolyOrangeCows2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

"I'm going to guess these sessions rank right up there with a men's room conversation with a stranger at the very next urinal, while the stranger is pooping in it"
LOL, funny article.

I'm so ashamed of my gamer-ness! *Slit, slit, slit*

EDIT: I disagree with number one. Having high standards for something we put $60 smackers (And a heck of a lot more outside the US) on isn't a crime.

tinybigman2762d ago

about my gaming habits i tell them to go to hell hahahaha.

Imperator2762d ago

Why would anyone be embarrassed of being a gamer? It's a hobby I love.

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Dsnyder2762d ago

But he makes some good points. Especially in the immature sexual elements and the gamers whining over sub HD. When Bayonetta came out I knew gaming had reached a new low. It was getting unbelivably good scores for basiclly being about a woman with 6 ft legs and a grapefruit heat runing around provacatively and pulling off stripping dances with every finishing move. I protested the game on n4g and most people either said that I was a butthurt ps3 fanboy or I was gay (really now?) and I realised with such an acceptance on low forms of entertainment like this, gaing wont be considered a mature medium for a long time.

Then there is the whole pixel counting thing and comparing multiplat games with minimal graphical differences. The fact that people can whine over a few minute pixels missing for your game is pretty sad but going as far as to compare GTA IV's minimal graphical differences between the console versions just to win your fanboy wars is childish. Fanboys dont know when to just shut up and admit that thier cause is not helping anything.

Reibooi2762d ago

Bayonetta was reviewed so well because it has some of the best action combat ever put in a game.

In fact if you spent time reading any of the reviews you would know that 90% of the complaints about the game was the over the top sexual presentation of Bayonetta herself. That however doesn't change the fact that the game has excellent game play and combat and that's why it was reviewed so well.

Baka-akaB2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

i do noy know where your allegiance lies , and i frankly dont care .

Like said above , pretty much every complains about the game was precisely about its massive amount of erotic material and skimpy outfits , with it's very confusing yet paperthin plot .

Pretty much most reviews gave warnings about that aspects of the game , and were only compelled to still give it good grades , because underneath it all , the gameplay was that deep and that good .

You also mention something , that makes me go mad quite often ... why that butthurting need of "maturity" , and "acceptance" ?
Is your self esteem so low , as a gamer , that you feel such a longing ?

Mature medium ? Wich exactly ?

Was de Sade , Beaudelaire , and many other poets and writers , comtemporary or from the past , that concerned about appearances and posturing , that it prevented them from writing basically porn prose ? And did it stopped them from becoming classic authors , while scandaleous in their lifetime ?

Again wasnt one of this year's smashing tv hit , Spartacus , a gratuitous display of naked women , sex scenes , and blood ?

Isnt transformers one of the biggest movie success of the decade , with over 800 millions $ , when it's as dumb as it could be , and an excuse for many to oogle at megan fox ?

The only criteria of acceptance games need , is the amount of people playing , and it's worth as an industry . It already easily equally successful if not superior to tv and movies , with an ever increasing user base

If game studios stopped doing whatever they want , and kept following code established by so called superior or more mature medium , they would just shrivel into mediocrity .

Nike2762d ago

Never really checked out the Alan Wake graphical analysis articles when they came out, but lol, did they really go into so much detail? Quite hilarious.

dizzleK2762d ago

girls don't want to know that your k/d ratio is actually bigger than your penis.

XabiTheHumble2762d ago

Luckily for me, both are pretty impressive.

jjesso19932762d ago

Im not ashamed either why be ashamed of somthing I enjoy i have never ever been put down for liking games and I would not let anyone put me down for somthing I enjoy

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