Could Lost Odyssey 2 be at E3?

Lately there has been some speculation that Lost Odyssey 2 might be announced by Mistwalker at E3 this year, which is now just a few weeks away. The original Lost Odyssey was released over two years ago and ever since, fans have been begging for a sequel.

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crapgamer3047d ago

Good story. I predicted Lost Odyssey 2 earlier in the year to make an appearance at E3. Now is as good a time as any to throw another Xbox 360 exclusive out there. I loved the first one and I don't play video games that "Critics" like or are paid to like. I give almost any game a fair chance and then decide for myself. Lost Odyssey 1 was a damn good game.

Chubear3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

Unless MS acquired this IP and it's MS owned, I'm thinking that, if this game does have a sequel, it will most likely be multiplat. Maybe timed exclusive on the 360 but ultimately, mistwalker will make it multiplat.

I'm not saying this poke at 360fans. I'm just stating common sense and even 360fans know that's a more than likely scenerio.

Oh I never knew MS owns the IP. Could you point me in the direction of info in a article or something that shows when this got acquired? I'd appreciate it.

Cueil3046d ago

Microsoft owns the IP... I think they have some ownership of Blue Dragon as well... things get a bit confusing because Microsoft lets their IPs goto DS

young juice3046d ago

theres a complete list of microsoft owned franchises here.

Natsu X FairyTail3046d ago

IF LO2 is announced at E3 it wont be multiplatform.

PRHB HYBRiiD3046d ago

i haven't played this...i was going to get it at gamestop but it was out of stock =[

Anon73493046d ago

It's easily one of the best console JRPGs this gen, and by far the best 360 exclusive.

It's right up there with Tales Of Vesperia, Demon's Souls, Valkyria Chronicles, ect

PRHB HYBRiiD3046d ago

ok thanks i liked the gameplay next time i go to gamestop i'll get it with blue dragon...gotta let go the fps for a bit.

CellularDivision3046d ago

I played it. Save your cash, and stick with the classics (ff8, legend of legaia) or just get FF13. Make sure you play it on PS3 to get the best experience.

kataloni103046d ago

i hop so i loved the first one Lost Odyssey ,,, Lost Odyssey is better then final fanatsy in my eyes,,,,

Anarki3046d ago

It's not better than the OLDER Final Fantasy's... But it's still good none-the-less.

Chubear3046d ago

I can say I did find the interviews & gameplay vids of Lost Odessy to be much more interesting & appealing than what I saw of FF13. Again, I'm not a JRPG gamer so I likely don't know what to look for but that is just my perception of the two games.

tplarkin73046d ago

The reviewers gave LO lower scores than FFXIII. But, LO is far better.

wicko3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

I never finished it but I still plan to, I liked it quite a bit. A sequel would probably push me back into playing it (sooner rather than later).

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SpoonyRedMage3046d ago

I'd say no, The Last Story is just being wrapped up and Sakaguchi seemed pretty heavily involved so I doubt he's had time for a sequel to Lost Odyssey.

PS360WII3046d ago

True enough but another Lost Odyssey would be nice after The Last Story is completed.

Cueil3046d ago

he did BD and LO at pretty much the same time

Millah3046d ago

Yea, Sakaguchi just posted on his blog that the Last Story development is taking longer than expected, and that it wouldn't be finished for just a little while longer.

Plus, for some reason I remember him saying he didn't want to make any 360 games anymore. Not saying it couldn't happen, I'm just skeptical. Though if it was announced I'd certainly be very happy :).

Jack Klugman3046d ago

best jrpg this gen. i would love a sequel after that butchered FFXIII SE dumped onto the 360.. Lost Odyssey was everything I wanted FF to be.

Kahvipannu3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

I really didn't have high hopes for it, when I bought it used (18€), but the game was stunning. It was "classic" turn-based FF-gameplay at it's best (with the positioning add), towns and shops to check, map to explore, hidden bosses, great characters and plot, great visuals for JRPG, great "FF-art style" sidequests/mini-games, good voice-acting, very long playtime (4 DVD's!), and Awesome musics.

The game is awesome, too sad it doesn't have much replayability value. Sequel would be awesome news.

Lucreto3046d ago

It would be good it true but I don't think it will happen.

The article says that FF XIII sold well on the 360 but that is Final Fantasy they could put FFXV on the iPhone and it would sell well. Smaller RPGs don't do those numbers sadly.

Sakaguchi is working on The Last Story now and it is possible the picture on the site is now a character in that game.

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