PS3: Top Seller & Most Popular Search @ Circuit City.

Sony's Playstation 3 this week is listed as a top-selling product at Circuit City's online divison,, following a price break that lowered the $600 product to $499.

The 60GB PS3 is listed among the top five selling products and it is listed in the top five most popular searches at the online electronics store.

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Kutaragi Ken4167d ago

we pay them to say we on top to get hpe formmy failed console dopnt take this serous im fiored to i spred the word now

aiphanes4167d ago

Why come you have to be such a sorry ass are just ruining the console experience. Did you ever go to school to learn how to spell?

You disgrace the image of the real Ken Kuraragi

Kutaragi Ken4167d ago

thats y sony hired me, cheap lboor. whichiw why i went mad and crreeeted the trash dat is the ps3 i said sorry leave me alone plz i no i failed u all and ps3 is losin to wii60 cuz we shuved bluray down ur thorats.

Kutaragi Ken4167d ago

play my 360 cuz its got games

chitown4167d ago

ur not funny at all. get the hell of this site u fan boy noob

paracardium4167d ago

typical xbot mentality^^^^^. Be proud xbots look at what this poor kid has become.

Mr VideoGames4167d ago

the PS3 sure make a Good Fire on Cold Days i tell ya woooooh

Staircase4167d ago (Edited 4167d ago )

The box is empty, it is obvious since you never show what is inside of it. You make blind comments about the PS3 that you can't back up, and overall, you make yourself look like a fool. Stop posting your video everywhere. If you even read the topic then you would realize that the PS3 is taking off.

Silvanos4167d ago

Anyone who thinks there was a PS3 in that box is nuts.

LeonSKennedy4Life4167d ago

have you gone insane?

I might change my name now...because it's close to yours.

I want to shoot myself now. BRB.

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