Awesome Box Art

Community made boxart. Some box art I came across on the internet, some of them beat the real box art.

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Calm Down Sunshine3125d ago

That Killzone box art is awesome..

The body proportions on the Red Dead Redemption box art seem a little off, perhaps i'm looking at it wrong... It looks like he's checking his body odour before he destroys someone in a duel and takes their wife off for some fun time.

Stuart57563125d ago

Very good, the GTAIV looks a bit amateur but then again it is! Good job though.

felidae3125d ago

i like the color of the KZ2 boxart but the original boxart shows the 4 soldiers like they are the teeth of the big Helghast .. which is a great idea.

CR-Y-SIS3125d ago

WTF is that in your avatar? Jesus, I do not want to know...

gameslowdown3125d ago

looking at the real kz2 box right now, I don't think they're trying to make it look like teeth tho.. but i dunno, they might.

Blairy_Boy3125d ago

That killzone 2 box is mine! haha get in!