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Feature: I Bought These 4 Games, I Wasted My Cash

GT: It’s happened to many a gamer throughout their lives: you purchase a title that you’ve been waiting on for umpteen years. Your dreams were overwhelmed by it, at school your attention was deterred. Every gaming website, from IGN to GamesThirst you scoured, taking in every bit of news about said title that you could find. After all, they said it’d be one of the biggest games of all time, and for some unknown reason you believed the lie. (PS3, Xbox 360)

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crapgamer  +   2013d ago
Lost Planet 2 wasn't terrible. Final Fantasy was a bit of a letdown though. Not a bad read though.
Reibooi  +   2013d ago
Wow this is total fail.

The guy is putting movie games(who the hell buys movie games thinking they will be good?) on a list with 2 really big games that didn't live up to the hype.

FFXIII isn't what alot of people expected yet if you can find those who looked past the linearity they liked it quite a bit(like myself) "8 hrs in I was struggling to understand what the story was about" Really? After 8 hours you didn't get sucked into the characters the 8 hour mark(assuming you know how to play) is around Palum Polum where the game gets REALLY good. The guy claims to have played all the other FF's which if true means he should be able to appreciate the incredibly character driven story. It's not story driven like older FF's but Character driven instead(which I think works better).

Lost Planet 2 is really fun if you play it in co-op but any other way it's broken. Capcom pulled a Monster Hunter and really designed the game to be played with 4 real people so if you play single player it's obviously not gonna be fun. On top of that the control scheme feels dated and certainly isn't for everyone.

I took 10 minutes reading this article, I wasted my time.
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Nicaragua  +   2013d ago
I played FF13 up to Gran Pulse and stopped playing. I just simply lost the will to play it even though im not far from the end and getting an extra couple of trophies.

Its a tedious, tiresome, piece of shit.
knight626  +   2013d ago
kind of agree with u on the FFXIII at first i was little confused and kind of bored out of my mind from this game but i didnt give up and continued playing once i passed that 8 hour mark it started to get better and i started to love it...ill tell u the truth i never played a FF game this was my first one and iam planning to play the rest
kraze07  +   2013d ago
@ Reibooi
I agree. Unlike many other people out there I was hooked on FFXIII from the beginning. Lol @ the author for not being able to understand the story, how dumb can you be. You dont even have to read the datalogs to know what's going on. I think the reason most people don't like it is because it isn't what they were expecting. The character progression not starting until a few chapters into the game and the new battle system is probably what turned most FF fanatics off besides how linear it is. What the author said doesn't really surprise me seeing as how he didn't start playing Final Fantasy until FF7.
Cerberus2125  +   2013d ago
@ Nicaragua I know how you fell,I'm a big RPG fan first,a d Final Fantasy second,I play XIII for 10-14 hours an stop to play Resonance of Fate.I'll mos def get back to it,if only for the fact that it is Final Fantasy.
lordgodalming  +   2013d ago
Good grief, can people not shut up about FFXIII? I earned the Plat trophy after 94 hours and never got sick of it.
Cenobia  +   2013d ago
I played FF13 for about the same amount of time (I got to the father/son reunited bit), and I just gave up. I normally don't play FF games, but the hype for it made me give it a try. Unfortunately I found it to be remarkably tedious.

I mean they had me playing as the defender for at least an hour and a half. WTF! Is that supposed to be fun? Let me just stand here for 20 minutes per battle and take hits...I wanted to buy a ticket to Japan and choke the developers.

And I have to agree about the story. It was extremely convoluted and they decided to just start it in the middle so you understand even less about what is going on. I understood the l'Cie bit (at least enough, and I had given up on a real explanation, chalking it up to 'that's just the way it is in this world'), but I had no idea what was going on in my actual "mission". The monster thing which I assumed was the final battle, was never really explained. Having no clue about why any of this was happening was kind of annoying too.

Overall, it took way too long to even get the story started to a point where I even knew who everyone was and I didn't find the combat fun enough to continue.
kraze07  +   2013d ago
Not trying to insult anyone, but if you think FF13's story was hard to understand then something must be wrong with you. I can't imagine how hard it must be for you guys to understand MGS4.
rexus12345  +   2013d ago
In FF13, there is an "easy" way to do battles and there is a "right" way. Easy way is simply to setup a traditional party of Tank/Healer/Damage-Dealer and using auto-battle to SLOWLY chip away at your enemy's HP. The right way is to take advantage of the paragon system and kill an enemy as fast as possible.
I see a lot people don't like FF13 simply because they decided to take the "easy" way, so they complain that battles are too boring because it takes 10min of auto-battle a normal mob, and boss battles are too hard. However, the game itself is also at fault because it doesn't offer enough incentive to have people killing the enemy the "right" way. I would prefer increased CP rate over 5-star-rating and increased tech points gain.
Prototype  +   2012d ago
Lost Planet 2? I've had far more fun on that game with the multiplayer currently. It's a big improvement over the first game online wise.

FF13 can eat a d-ck (biggest waste of money)

Avatar and Iron Man 2...no comment
AliTheBrit19  +   2013d ago
Yep, I rented Lost planet 2, and couldn't believe how bad it was.
K-Tuck  +   2013d ago
I actually couldn't believe just how good LP2 was. I went into it knowing it was supposed to be bad, and was blown away.

Different strokes for different folks.
DevastationEve  +   2012d ago
Dude. Getting the armor is super awesome. And so is hitching a ride on a vs in co-op. Its the best co-op game yet...makes you forget the shame that was re5.
erathaol  +   2013d ago
Really Lost Planet 2 is a bad game? That's were people are drawing their line of what a bad game is? That's total bull.

Lost Planet 2 is different just like Metal Gear Online. It may have its issues that would aggravate the average Third Person Shooter fan but at the same time it has very appealing mechanics that more than make up for it.

Lost Planet 2 - Controlling Mechs, Killing Monsters for points to throw in a random slot machine, Unlocking tons of content for your character to look different, having campaign that can technically take 21+ hours to complete and chapter 5 was just hilarious.

Metal Gear Online - Lay prone, snap into first person iron sight mode (w/ lean), be able to stealthy hide during games, character customization, dirty mags to distract enemies and hiding under boxes.

Not only that but CAPCOM put out two Lost Planet 2 demos, demonstrating what Lost Planet 2 would be like. You had every opportunity to know what the game was about and how it would play.
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maxcer  +   2013d ago
I picked up LP2 for $40 at launch, hopefully at that price it wasn't a waste. But how can the article be taken seriously with two movie tie-in's? ...he must be new to gaming.
Greywulf  +   2013d ago
bought iron man?
really? You're a moron at this point, and your game taste is bad.
chaosatom  +   2013d ago
FF13 is not bad game by any means.
I played a solid 6 hours I think.

The story is pretty amazing with the character development. I started to read the some of the datalog and you comprehended the story much better. I do agree that it's a bit tedious fighting enemies after enemies but you develop a specific strategy.

I wish they had made it shorter and didn't just give enemies after enemies to make it longer.
frjoethesecond  +   2013d ago
@Reibooi Agree 100% It's not perfect but sqeenix are tring.
JoySticksFTW  +   2012d ago
If you can make it to Gran Pulse, that's when it finally starts to get good
It starts to feel like an actual FF game then, with wide open exploration

But yeah, the game still sucks though
Brewski007  +   2013d ago
The guy who made this list hopefully has learned his lesson and NEVER buys another movie licensed game. Everyone with half a brain cell knows they're either designed for the under 12's or terribly short lived. Speaking about the majority.

As for final fantasy xiii. I loved that game. . I played it to death and did what I wanted to do in it. Did i waste my money on it... no, because im a huge fan and I really wanted to play it. Am I disappointed , yes because it for me lacks the replay factor. And with no DLC on the horizon I decided to trade it in last weekend.
eggbert  +   2013d ago
i bought
the spongebob squarepants movie game for the gamecube. It's actually not that bad.

Then again I just recently bought it used for $4.99.
Rocket Sauce  +   2013d ago
This is making me want to plug in my N64, because Goldeneye absolutely kills FF XIII with a James Bond karate chop to the face.
Hellsvacancy  +   2013d ago
The guy must b an idiot, or a crack-head, who in there right mind would pay cash for Iron Man 2 and Avatar?
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DiLeCtioN  +   2013d ago
trophy whores, believe it or not i had a few friends playing Hannah Montannah just to obtain easy trophies O.o
dipsetboy17   2013d ago | Spam
Squall5005  +   2013d ago
His guy is an idiot
He purchased Iron Man and Avatar, what did he expect?

Does he not read reviews?
BeaArthur  +   2013d ago
Yeah, I still read it but after seeing Iron Man 2, nothing he said after that mattered. I disagree with his FF13 assessment though. You can easily access the datalog if you aren't sure as to what is going on. I felt like somethings at the end didn't quite add up, and it wasn't the best FF tale ever told but I found the characters interesting (other than snow) and the combat system was really good. This guy wouldn't know that though because he didn't play it long enough. And I didn't find any of the boss fights to be all that difficult, the monsters on Gran Pulse were more challenging than a lot of the boss fights (but he didn't even get that far). Sounds like he just wasn't that good at the game and was bored before he turned it on so he wasn't able to follow the story.
UltimateIdiot911  +   2013d ago
Really? You found the characters interesting? Hope was one of the most annoying character in the game. At first I thought it would be Snow, but he's more decent than Hope. I feel that Sazh is the only character with a good background. The others ranged from meh to somebody shoot him.

The combat system is good but when fighting multiple enemies, it's terrible especially when your teammates cannot revive leaders and I don't see why it must be the leader's summon only.
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BeaArthur  +   2013d ago
Maybe you didn't correctly learn how the battle system works if you kept dieing. The leader is the only one who can summon because they want you to feel like you should use every character. I get what you are saying though, it would be nice if you could use any characters summon in the party and then just control that character while the Eidlon is out, but that to me was a minor issue.

As far as the characters go, a lot of them had annoying moments and there was plenty of the corny JRPG dialogue but by the end they had grown on me. Hope stopped being annoying half way through (possibly because he stopped being a whiny little girl and finally manned up). By the end Snow was the only one still annoying me.
UltimateIdiot911  +   2013d ago
I don't keep dying just only once in a while (when I do, it's usually the leader who dies and my other team member is at least half or full health) but I feel the battle drags on and could be quicker had I have more control over other characters especially running around Gran Pulse.

The battle system is great against boss and single enemy.
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BeaArthur  +   2013d ago
If you only die once in awhile it shouldn't be an issue. Some battles do last awhile but that's probably because you are at a lower level. Every battle shouldn't be over in 30 seconds. Your battle score should let you know whether the battle is meant to be longer or if you just took a longer time to defeat the enemy.
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Rageanitus  +   2013d ago
Im enjoying
Topshelfcheese  +   2013d ago
Find it hilarious that he thought ff13 boss battles were hard, the game was pretty easy to platinum out. I still prefer ff12, loved that game(imo best voice acting in any game to date). But, ya the other 3 titles, don't interest me, and would never pay for them in the first place.
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Ares84PS3  +   2013d ago
I agree with the list
The truth is....the game that I just can't stand is FF13. I got the game when it came out and started playing. The main characters are so annoying to me. The way they talk...act and behave. Most of them are just way too annoying. I would LOVE to murder all of them insted of help them progress so I stoped playing the game.
Colonel-Killzone  +   2013d ago
FF13 I liked the game just not the damn story. Lightning is a bad ass character I hope to see her again soon hopefully with a better story. Anyway I beat the game in 29 hours. Its not as long as people say least for the main story line. But it is worth the full 60 dollars thats if you wanna get all the trophies and achievements. But if your buying it for the story and thats it i would say skip it. This is my opinion.
SmokedOut  +   2013d ago
Thats why I always rent a game that im not 100% completely sold on. That way you can keep for a week and try it out, yeah your out $8.99 @ Block Buster but its better than $60.
cobraagent  +   2013d ago
Does anybody here find FF13 to be amazing and a goty contender except from me?
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darthdevidem01  +   2013d ago
Me too, its my GOTY & thats not gonna change unless MGS5 comes out
cobraagent  +   2013d ago
thank god!
i had lost all hope in this site. FF13 is my 2010 goty until GT5 comes out
gtamike  +   2013d ago
MGS Peace Walker is MGS5
darthdevidem01  +   2013d ago
dude if it it would be called MGS5
Silverwolf  +   2013d ago
Was a big yet beautiful let down...
jjesso1993  +   2013d ago
FFXIII was ruined by the 360 it could been so much more if microsoft had just left checkbook the table for just that one time. I have only played the demo of LP2 and did not like also didnt like avatar and and iron man but really who buy iron man 2 after first one.
wazzim  +   2013d ago
Yeah FFXIII better been 360 exclusive since
ALL 360 Jrpg's have what FFXIII missed (world map, towns etc.).
K-Tuck  +   2013d ago
I highly doubt FFXIII being exclusive to 360 would have helped that. The game was in development for like four years, there should be no doubting that it was exactly the game Square Enix wanted it to be.
mricecreamman  +   2013d ago
wow really dude this guy does not know gaming. everyone knows to not buy movie based games or game based movies. also saying ff13 was a waste...he does not know how to a ff game. every ff game was the same way HARD. i enjoyed it all the way to the end. as for lost plant 2 all i have to say is IT IS A SHOOTER so of course there is no story to it and was designed around MULTI-PLAYER.

as for the second article...wow he must have problems saying gow 3 was well money spent. think again. there was no story. same gameplay mechanics and nothing has evolved from the first gow. believe i loved the first one til this day i still play it.
C L O U D  +   2013d ago
He bought Iron Man 2?

What the hell was he thinking!?
DA_SHREDDER  +   2013d ago
I bought Iron Man 2 for the Wii for my son, and I have to say it is the worst Iron Man ever created.
capn_crunch  +   2013d ago
I managed to finish FFXIII, but quit in the post game. It's just far too tedious and boring to get the gil needed to buy any ultimate weapons.
The game, by FF standards, was terrible. And all I'd get for a trade is 20 bucks (maybe), so I suppose I'll just keep it and it will collect dust on my shelf.
darthdevidem01  +   2013d ago
ahaha the loser thought the boss battles were difficult in ff13, what an idot!
sjeen66  +   2013d ago
WTF why did he buy movie games (ironman 2 , avatar )
the other too was big a waited games

so ur half stupid half unlucky ...bad combination
GenoZStriker  +   2013d ago
Useless article by a useless person.
SephireX  +   2013d ago
A splendid fail! This guy says the boss battles in FFXIII are too difficult? Is he retarded? Its the easiest FF game since X-shagging-2. He talks about the possibility of the LP2 developers being drunk while writing the game. Well, he mustn't have been too sober himself when playing FFXIII. My granny could beat FFXIII without a flinch and she's dead!
kraze07  +   2013d ago
FFXIII was worth every penny.
bobrea  +   2013d ago
Two of the games on this list are movie games. The author states that normally he wouldn't play movie games, they usually suck, etc, yet there are TWO movie games on this list. This article is trash.
prettyboy1  +   2013d ago
he f##kin bought iron man 2
McPoopin  +   2013d ago
Mcardle  +   2013d ago
The game i feel like i wasted my money on was heavy rain. 40 quid down the drain. should of rented it.
danielle007  +   2013d ago
Surprisingly, I kind of agree. I was so hyped on that game, I even bought a PS3 for it .. The bajillion different endings, blahblah.. But, in all honesty, once you find out who the killer is, it's really not very fun on the following play throughs, and I just couldn't really do it. I really think it would have been much better to have the killer change with each play through. I mean, sure that would have taken a bunch of time and effort.. but the game was only 8 hours long anyways, and with like no replay value for me, so it really was kind of a waste.

But, honestly, that first play through is a gaming experience that I really won't forget. So, maybe I did get my moneys worth. Just a little though..
darkpower  +   2013d ago
Heavy Rain is a waste of cash?

I would love to know what type of game ISN'T to you, then?
lilmetal  +   2013d ago
The author of this article must be a weekend gamer...
Plancy  +   2013d ago
Avatar and Iron Man 2, now that's retarded, no one should ever buy a movie based games. Never played Lost Planet 2 but FFXIII was all hype, I bought it a week after it was released and regreted spending the $60.
Plancy  +   2013d ago
Avatar and Iron Man 2, now that's retarded, no one should ever buy a movie based games. Never played Lost Planet 2 but FFXIII was all hype, but I enjoyed half of it, then it got kind of boring. I ended up trading it along with MW2(Which I bought first day, and got bored of) in for other games I haven't played like uncharted 2 gears of war and fable 2.
Shendow  +   2013d ago
That is way I only buy games I know I'm going to like, lost plant 2 is good but the menu for single player is dumb. It feels like you are tring to play online.

Final fantasy 13 I like an it was hard to, I only judge games by what I see or played, the game can get a 10 out 10 an suck in my eye. Mostly because the score is only base on what they think.
kane_1371  +   2013d ago
wtf is wrong with you guys?
you are like
oh, he didn't play the game more than 8 hr, so he don't know how good it gets.
gtfo, i don't want to wait 8 hr of repetitive shit to get to the best.
i don't have that time.
if a game is boring in the beginning it is boring to the end.
stop being such a fanboy.
better that play a heavy rain or ff12.
i always got hooked into ff games from the beginning, 13, was a fail, you guys know it too.
no game is worth 8hr of wait to get good.
it was no challenge, too easy, too stupid, the story wasn't even close to a ff story.
it sucked.
compared to every single ff ever out.....
GuruStarr78  +   2013d ago
I loved Nier, and thought it was a great game, despite some pretty bad reviews......had alot of fun completing it and I still haven't gotten all the endings......might go back to it after Allen Wake and Red Dead Redemption are fully completed.
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