First Scans to 2 New PS3 Exclusives and White Knight Story

Here are the first scans for upcoming PS3 exclusives game inlcuding Dynasty Warriors 6, White knight Story and Valkyrie of the Battlefield. Two of these exclusive games were announced in Japan during Sony's Playstation event in Japan. No release dates has been set yet.

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Darkiewonder4165d ago

I was hearing about the Valkyrie Game.

Well anyways, Woot to DW6. Like I said. No Online no buy.

White Knight Story. Loving the Character Customisation. Too much like Oblivion.

Level 5 can do better. At least steal a good writer. Mediocre Storyline in WKS? Most Likely. Better than Rogue Galaxy? Probably. ahh... Confirmed: Online Missions to be added.

Phantom_Lee4165d ago

cool~ glasses in character creation~

aiphanes4165d ago

Where do people get their ideas?

Rhezin4165d ago

lol sony for the win? with these? lol great additions sony.

Rock Bottom4165d ago

By saying that, you are throwing meat for the dogs, it's about time they get here.
Does every article has to be a battle between consoles?

any way, from what I've seen so far, White knight looks like it's going to be a great game, just like one would expect from leve5.

I also noticed that they mentioned Guilty Gear 2 in the article!!
I was never a fan of GG, but being the 2D fighter maniac that I am, I somehow ended up having 2 GG games.

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The story is too old to be commented.