Home beta test survey gives info on possible expansions

One of our readers has emailed us to let us know that Sony has sent each member of the Home closed beta a simple survey. Consisting of only a single "question", the survey asks testers to rate the importance of a list of features from 1 to 5. Here are our top rated features, the rest are after the jump.

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Husso4171d ago

I got the beta last night, id guess they are expanding.

Lord Anubis4171d ago

I gave a 5 to all the options. =)

mmike8554171d ago (Edited 4171d ago )

"After the jump" now a really popular saying on N4G, originally referred to the Killzone 2 video "after the jump" meaning after the soldiers jump from the drop ship and the gameplay portion of the demo began.

But anyways, I think the more options they have within Home, the more real and organic the experience will feel for the player. Give us features we can't find anywhere else. Give us things that are important and make Home even more vibrant! I am excited for this, and pretty amazed by the concept still.

Adamalicious4171d ago

"After the jump" has been around for a lot longer than that. It indicates that you must either scroll down past the ads or click a link to "read more" or both. It's sort of equivalent to "below the fold" in newspaper journalism.

sadiq4171d ago

man home would be sooo awesome if u had ur entire clan to hang out

Silvanos4171d ago

They have to add clan space.

macalatus4171d ago (Edited 4171d ago )

The idea of a 'clan space' (no, not that 'klan') in Home Space is pretty much a given. Right now I could imagine such space resembling a cyberspace version of a college fraternity house. ;)

With millions of PS3 owners worldwide, this would be the 'myspace' of Sony, only far more interactive (no more waiting for e-mails to communicate)!

Staircase4171d ago

I thought all of these were already confirmed to be in Home...?

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