Is Microsoft Overstretching the Halo IP?

Between the eventual Halo movie from Peter Jackson and Neil Blomkamp, the Halo mini-films (also from Neil), Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Wars, Halo 1 PC and Mac, Halo 2 Vista, the Peter Jackson/Bungie Studios mystery collaboration and Peter Moore comparing Halo to the Star Wars franchise, is Microsoft overstretching the Halo brand as an IP for the company?

1UP: Do you feel you're overstretching the Halo IP? Where do you draw the line?

Shane Kim, head of Microsoft Game Studios: If we were pimping this out and prostitute it, yeah, I would feel real bad. In general, everything we try to do with Halo is with high quality partners in a high quality way. People can criticize us for Halo2 Vista, that's fine, I know that's not our best execution. But, Halo 3's going to be great and Halo Wars is going to be fantastic.

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Shadow Flare4144d ago (Edited 4144d ago )

..Who said life support?!?

and before anyone says it, every single Final Fantasy game is completely different, so don't bring it up

Firewire4144d ago

Anyone ever notice how 1up loves the crap out of MS! Never a negative word about MS and there games. How they praise Halo like nothing else, it really lame, they don't even offer constructive criticism at all. And then to top it off people that worked at 1up get jobs at MS.

all credibility lost! especially after they trashed Killzone2!

Captain Tuttle4144d ago (Edited 4144d ago )

Then why do they keep calling it "Final Fantasy"? Same gameplay, same visual style, same basic story.

sticky doja4144d ago

Have you ever played more than one Final Fantasy game?

nobizlikesnowbiz4144d ago

Your such a turd. That comment was lame.

FF different every time? Wow. Not true. Like 45 FF games isn't OVERSTRETCHED?!?!!

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power of Green 4144d ago (Edited 4144d ago )

Different markets. The stage was set the franchise happens to be versatile. The title of this thread is moot until people actaully stop buying Halo products i doubt people will all of a sudden ditch Halo anymore than people not buying FF, LOTR products. Its a cultural phenomena once it hit Star trek levels of whoring then it might be a problem but theres games being whored more than Halo. Star Wars FU will do well despite whoring.

Only a fanboy would post such nonsense try asking such nonsense to the Japanese about the FF phenomena. I might buy a Wii yet because of Mario g.

EDIT: can you edit your post and tell me whats different your reasoning seems child-like what the deal with your logic?.

Blankman4144d ago

YES. Halo was pretty much the only really successful game on the xbox. If halo came out on the ps2 it wouldnt have this much hype because it would have at least had to struggle for that title of best game on console. Msoft recognizes they have a winner in which approx 10million users will be willing to buy this ip, add that withe the 5billion dollars they lost on the xbox, i think its about time they start making some of that money back.

Microsoft is gonna milk the sh1t out of the halo franchise and no one can stop em. Halo zune?, halo xbox 360 these are extremes

FreedomReign4144d ago

KOTOR, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Morrow Wind, Crimson Skies, Rainbow Six, Forza, I can go on.

Go back to class son. Recess is over.

power of Green 4144d ago

You know nothing of Japan if you think there isn't any iconic figures being whored in J-land.

#3 WoW! just WoW!, just itching to be a pest with moronic reasoning. Halo was holding up Xbox 1 not 2 all the other jibberish is just malice driven spite.

sonarus4144d ago

Just because the japanese may do it dosent make it ok. Releasing a new XBOX jst for halo is extreme period. If you don't see it then there is nothing/or no one that can make you see it any other way.

FordGTGuy4144d ago

Is very limited and only for the hardcore its not in anyway known as a true SKU.

nurayi4144d ago

"a whole line of halo themed accessories" not to mention the action figures. sure many other companies are guilty of committing the same crimes. but it doesnt alleviate the fact that both franchises are being milked (the obvious is FF, even though I am a huge fan of FFVI I say bring back squaresoft.)

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