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Submitted by baxy-z 2086d ago | article

Study: Men Prefer Gaming Over Sex

A recent study has shown that man prefer gaming over sex. (Culture)

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Canucks23  +   2086d ago
I would hate to be one of those "men"
Kalowest  +   2086d ago
I agree, i like my consoles, but i would love some lips more.
darkmurder  +   2086d ago
Who needs sex when you have the vibrate game on Xbox ... /s

How sad....
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Cevapi88  +   2086d ago
must be a bunch of WoW players...if it was anything else then my logic fails
young juice  +   2086d ago
im willing to bet a few fanboys are having sex with their consoles right now.
RememberThe357  +   2086d ago
The funny thing is that we're all gamers
And yet we all disagree.
R2D2  +   2086d ago
In other news
a pig who refuses to eat Jews.
FarEastOrient  +   2086d ago
@ Young Juice

You must've been watching Jack Black during the gamer awards show, him sleeping his consoles. ^_^
Trey_4_life  +   2085d ago
I prefer to play games and then use my hand when needed ;)
Shaka2K6   2086d ago | Immature | show | Replies(7)
maniacf40  +   2086d ago
"men" who choose video games over women = virgins!!
Anon7349  +   2086d ago
You obviously didn't read it at all dumbass.

The men played video games for 30mins then had sex with their partner for 30mins and they did scientific studies.

So no, they aren't virgins but you on the other hand? Most likely.
facelike  +   2086d ago
Well they played games they've never played before, vs a woman whom they know quite well.

If these were games they know very well, or these were women they didn't know, I'm sure the results would have been different.
inveni0  +   2085d ago
If I was still a single bachelor, then sex would win 100% of the time. Even the chance of sex would win. I would drop a controller just to go look at girls.

But, as someone who has been married for a long time (and is monogamous), sex isn't always as interesting as it used to be. My wife would have to really turn on the heat to get me to pay attention. Does this mean I prefer video games to sex? No. It just means that my definition of sex has changed. And I'm lazier in my old age.
chrisnick  +   2086d ago
here's my thing.
If I have a choice b4 starting either, then definitely sex. But i swear if i'm in an engaging part of a game, like the train section in uncharted2, outside visari's palace right b4 radec in kz2, or any part of gow3...then truth is...It'll take some special nakedness to get me away from that game.
FACTUAL evidence  +   2086d ago
That's a DAM lie! I'd pause my game in a heart beat for some pu$$y!
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chrisnick  +   2086d ago
Of course
but sometimes being a little to enthusiastic is creepy and kinda goes along with the stereotype of gamers being pu$$y starved...the gamers without gfs anyway. Those of us who do can actually wait cuz its not like it'll be a while till we get any anyway, maybe that's just me though.
Lich120  +   2086d ago
I agree chris. I think theres this weird need for gamers to act like they would drop everything to have sex. Likely as a result of the stereotypes that surround gamers (not very good with the ladies etc.) Call me old fashioned but I don't need to be having sex 24-7.
Army_of_Darkness  +   2086d ago
was a study even nessessary!
you stop performing well in a game, you`ll die, start over and get to try again with barely any penalties...

But if you stop performing well and quit during a sex session with your GF, then well... I wish you the best on trying to get it again lol!
HxCGamer  +   2086d ago
umm dont know
what you guys are talking about
but games>women
unless the girl is under 15 .. then that just gives me a better rush
Anon7349  +   2086d ago
I 100% Completely agree with you, but 15 is too old, it'll take less than that to get me excited....
duplissi  +   2086d ago

capjacksparrow  +   2086d ago
Dude, Seriously?
4pocalyps3  +   2085d ago
i think you might know this person very well

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HxCGamer  +   2085d ago
i said under lol =]

nd chill jacksparrow i was jokin, but i still think games are better most of the times
inveni0  +   2085d ago
How do you bubble down for being a pedophile?
leeger  +   2086d ago
why not game while having sex!
TD_RJ  +   2086d ago
You are already gaming while having sex!
PotNoodle  +   2086d ago
Achievement unlocked
Pearl necklace
gta2800  +   2086d ago
This study must have involved virgins only. I love games but when it comes down to gettin busy or PS3. I choose the poon. The PS3 will always be there for me, the poon can be gone some day lol.
Anorexorcist  +   2086d ago
You only have to make a choice if you're stupid enough to let a woman boss you around.
When you live by the tenets of Leykis 101 and choose not to tie yourself down to a "girlfriend" and choose to not let a woman boss you around and tell you what to do or else (which the "or else" is her always holding off on sex until you give in to her demands, which is usually helping her mother pay her bills or buying her a new phone or something like that.)

Go over to her house, do the deed, go home and go to sleep. Then wake up in the morning nice and refreshed and play till your hearts desire without her nagging in your ear. If you don't become a man-boy slave and have balls of steel, you can have your console and play it too.
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A change in the wind  +   2086d ago
I too live by the tenets of Leykis 101, and I have reaped the benefits. I do what I want, when I want, how I want. I don`t need some woman nagging me all the time, keeping tabs on me 24/7. I`ve watched good men get consumed by the evil that Leykis warns his students about, and I`m glad I found him a while ago. If you are a man, and have never listened to Tom Leykis, get on youtube right now, and better yourself.
Anorexorcist  +   2086d ago
Another son of father Leykis? Here on N4G? Alright good to see a fellow student.
Youtube is good for getting a taste of Tom Leykis and his show, but nothing compared to is great. There is a large archive sorting by year, by month of broadcasts from The Tom Leykis Show going all the way back to 1990.

One of my favorite Tom Leykis quotes: "Women care more about the bulge in a man's back pocket than they do about the bulge in his front pocket, if you know what I mean"

Your sons need you back on the air Tom!!!

Leykis...or hate us. Oh Yeah!!! Keep it real!!!
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ThanatosDMC  +   2086d ago
I get 4-11 turns a day... it wears you out. But i'd never say no to some action while im sitting down playing.
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jmare  +   2086d ago
Cool story, bro.
BkaY  +   2086d ago
tht pic gives me creeeps... i love gaming and dont mind bewbzzz now and then....

ppl still think that gamers are some nerds, my mate is a model and once we played warhawk 12hrs straight.. not to mention tekken, street fighter and list goes on...


ps: big booty bitches...big big booty bitches aaaaaaaaaaaa.
Anon7349  +   2086d ago
Wow, N4G.

After reading all these stupid comments, I actually have LESS respect for you guys. Which is really difficult to do considering there was none to begin with.

Way to live up to the stereotype gamer image guys. I was kinda hoping for a little bit more than crappy unoriginal stuff like "Why not both HURR DURR."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This just in *N4Gers are Illiterate Virgins*
----------------------------- -----------------------
About 90% of you retards didn't even read the damn article, especially you guys saying stuff like "THEY MUST BE VIRGINS HERPY DERPY."


One thing I find interesting, why would you think a virgin would enjoy videogames over sex anyways? They've never had it before, so don't you think they'd want it more than ever? Aren't you guys capable of simple logic?

Way to be N4G, you pretty much lived up to every gamer stereotype there is and above the sex deprived virgin one.

----------------------------- ------------------------
This just in *N4Gers are Illiterate Virgins*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
TD_RJ  +   2086d ago
herp derp
Quagmire  +   2086d ago
New study confirmed: Women prefer Quagmire over Sex...heh heh.
PCnPS3Gamer  +   2086d ago
yeah hardcore nerdy virgins maybe
wow i feel sorry for guys that would rather do anything instead of having sex let alone for video come on yes id agree men prefer playing video games then pampering there needy whiny gf's but seriously, you do not turn down sex under any

whats the next bs article going to be "men think that getting bj's while gaming is lame and to much of a distraction while playing online games" lol..needy girls should never be put before game but when sex is on the table thats that ps3 or 360 gets turned the f off lol.......
Nihilism  +   2086d ago
If i'm in the middle of a game and my girlfriend calls me for sex you damn well better bet that i'll say "just a minute!" and keep playing for half and hour or more.

I don't know why everyone is getting on the defensive saying "seks is the best!", seems like they might be a little self conscious or that you are controlled by sex and that your woman can hold it over you. My girl is making my lunch for me right now, guess what I have planned afterwords ;), and no I don't have to ask.

Life is good when you're not whipped.

Keep on begging for it though boys, i'm sure if you ask real real nice she MIGHT give you some.
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PCnPS3Gamer  +   2085d ago
whipped yea right
theres a difference between being whipped and having no sex drive....its not like your dropping something important for sex like its a video game that you can pause and finish later like ditching your friends for sex repeatedly is called being whipped, ditching your friends or video games to go shopping with your gf now thats whipped but sex come cant be whipped if you want to do it. i guess you'd rather get trophies or achievements then get a real reward called an orgasm....whatever floats your boat man just don't be saying other guys are whipped cause they want sex.....
Nihilism  +   2085d ago
If your girlfriend was in the middle of watching a movie she was enjoying and you walked in the room and said "wanna have sex?" I guarantee that 99% of the time she would tell you to wait because she's watching a movie, it's the same thing, no reason why sex should take priority above all else, if it does, then she has a power over you that will dictate your entire life
KenjiWB  +   2086d ago
I love all the "quotes" that make people use to make themselves feel above the norm, clearly you're are a "man" for thinking this is bogus.

In my humble opinion, because that's all I can speak for, I can see where this would be accurate in many circumstances. For instance, take someone like myself, who has been married for close to a decade (happily, mind you) and yea, I probably get more excitement out of a new video game (use your imagination).

On the flip side, if you take someone single, that might have a different partner to 'experience' following every high school breakup in the history of forever, than I'm sure the opposite would be more common.
Sarcasm  +   2086d ago
I'd take boobs and vag any day over gaming.
Heisenberg  +   2086d ago
If you prefer video games to sex
You've either never had sex, or you in fact AREN'T a man, but an asexual super geek from the depths of fanboy hell... Christ, these dudes need to go get themselves laid, FAST!
sid4gamerfreak  +   2086d ago

video games - a hobby
girls - sexsexsexsex (oh, and of course,i care for her emotions and all that stuff)

And this is where pc gamers also rule supreme because i can go to my gf and make her feel awed that i built a magnificent gaming rig.

Then she can play games in full hd and enjoy the amazing pc gaming experience.
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Nihilism  +   2086d ago
ahaha, epic
MEsoJD  +   2086d ago
Men Prefer Gaming Over Sex?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
maybe but Not this Man.
Leio  +   2086d ago
Are they sure those are "men" ?
SaiyanFury  +   2086d ago
Hah, I'm married. I love games very much but my wife even more. She loves relations even more than me, rare as that may be in most peoples' life. I love my life and that I was careful before I got married. I didn't marry the first girl in my life, we got to know each other first for a few years before we agreed to commit to each other. We married back in 2006 and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I've never been more content with a woman. I love my games, but not more than relations. Even if I'm into a single game, my wife loves me regardless, and for her love I am eternally thankful. I'm not a perfect husband, but she's a supportive wife, and for that I thank God for our chance meeting. She truly is the woman of my dreams. She's not an airbrushed model, but an actual woman and I love her every single day I'm alive.
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Alvadr  +   2085d ago
Depends on who the sex is with
DTClown  +   2085d ago
ummmm, study is WRONG!
I routinely pause or quit gaming entirely to go upstairs and have sex with my wife. 4 times a week on average for 20 years now. Over those 20 years I NEVER chose to play a game, watch tv, smoke a bowl, or anything other than to go have glorious sex. This study needs to involve people who are currently having sex.
jessupj  +   2085d ago
You guys should read the article, the title is misleading. Only 18% prefered games over sex. It was just that most men had more adrenalin levels when playing games.

As for me I love sex. But if I had conplete control of my perfect world I'd be playing games for 3 hours, having sex for 15 mins, playing for another 3 hours, having sex for 15 mins, etc. Sex is great and all, but after I'm done I wanna play games.
George Sears  +   2086d ago
Maybe if your 40 and you have a hog for a wife then you'll probably lose interest.

It depends on the age I guess because I sure as hell like them pink stuff more than gaming.
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n4gn4gn4gn4g  +   2086d ago
There are plenty of
20 year old heifers out there too ya know.
ZombieAutopsy  +   2086d ago
Lol at least do what I and many of my friends do, put it to her then as soon as you're done walk out of the room power up your console and start killing stuff.

If the girl was very unattractive though i could see wanting to play games over that but still a video game isn't going to give you that kind of release.

Hell if i could put it too the women in that picture twice a day each i dont think i'd even care about gaming until about a month or two of doing it.
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klado  +   2086d ago
Someone is getting...

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Tony-A  +   2086d ago

DigitalRaptor  +   2086d ago
I'd rephrase that and say "Men who aren't good with girls, prefer gaming over sex, because they aren't getting any" :p
n4gn4gn4gn4g  +   2086d ago
Do it from behind....
rest your DS or PSP on her back.

ThanatosDMC  +   2086d ago
I do that when im running low on ammo or starting to get sore.
pixelsword  +   2086d ago
You'd be surprised how offensive a girl gets when you use her as furniture.

Well, the wrong type of girl for that particular need, anyways.
dizzleK  +   2086d ago
do it doggy so you can both see the screen.

they forgot the follow up poll: most girls say their gamer boyfriends only last as long as it takes the map to load
Pedobear Rocks  +   2086d ago
This is also how Canadians
watch hockey btw.
duplissi  +   2086d ago
VoicesInMyHead  +   2085d ago
Doggy is my favorite position. I hate how they made fun of it in Knocked Up
LeAspect  +   2086d ago
This is sad to say to least...
Darrius Cole  +   2086d ago
Those men who prefer video games to sex don't have wives that look like the women in that picture.

But then again...

After you've been banging the same woman for 15 years I bet a new Metal Gear Solid game can be rather refreshing.
KillerPwned  +   2086d ago
After you get married you die just a little bit every day HAHAH! :)
KillerPwned  +   2086d ago
Um really?!
waltercross  +   2086d ago
Do her with the Move controller, that way you get the best of both worlds at the same time.
waterboy  +   2086d ago
more like pc gaming fags
prefer gaming over sex
NiteX  +   2086d ago
I'm sensing your a bit butt hurt over PC gaming.
Jack-Pyro  +   2086d ago
Do you even listen to the dribble that comes outta your mouth.....I'm gonna guess not.

Oh and another thing, that word you know the one beginning with the letter F, its fucking biggot.

Please, my fellow N4Gites, help me remove this mans bubbles!
GenoZStriker  +   2086d ago
Where is the part where volunteers were asked to fuck hot chicks and base their adrenaline level on that? I don't see that part written anywhere

"Out of 100 brave men, 67 of them showed to have higher levels of adrenaline whilst playing on video games such as Super Mario Galaxy and Gears of War compared to when they were “making love“ to their loved ones."

Really? Did they really research their adrenaline level when making love to their loved ones? I think not. Amusing that because they showed a high level of adrenaline while playing games doesn't support that.

"The other 33 volunteers? Well, according to the University, they’re adrenaline levels shown that sex was more of their thing compared to video games."

I can see how they measured this. Wait. NOT!
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DelbertGrady  +   2086d ago
I can has both.
Colonel-Killzone  +   2086d ago
Bathyj  +   2086d ago
I prefer sex to games, its just that games are cheaper than women.
Darkspade  +   2086d ago
I prefer sex while Gaming.. but there's a time and place for both.. I got a BJ while playing Rainbow six 2 lets just say may Kill to death wasn't so good
ZombieAutopsy  +   2086d ago
Playing GTA4 gettin some road head ends with alot of dead pedestrians.
Bolts  +   2086d ago
I prefer sex and games
Why not both? Thats like asking if you prefer air or water. However I do prefer games with sex in it.
sikbeta  +   2086d ago
Being honest, it really depends on How you do it, I mean if there is a "restriction" coming from your GF/couple/woman like doing it in an only "way" (you know what I'm saying), sometimes it's a real kick in the nuts, it get me really mad this freaking puritanism... lol
#19 (Edited 2086d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
earbus  +   2086d ago
I thought sex was ps3 exclusive it should read men like gaming after sex the embrace of a digital cigerette .
Bluemaster77  +   2086d ago
Obviously the wrong men one studied lol , i for one am not one of those men
Girls > Games any day thats is unless they are nagging of course lol
xtremexx  +   2086d ago
SilverSlug  +   2086d ago
misleading title
"The study shown that 18% of men said they preferred the video game over the sex, whilst the other 82% said otherwise."

Makes it sound like the majority prefer gaming than sex. You need dem hits, I guess.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   2086d ago
Why not both?


''Out of 100 brave men, 67 of them showed to have higher levels of adrenaline whilst playing on video games such as Super Mario Galaxy and Gears of War compared to when they were “making love“ to their loved ones.''

From now on, no one call me a Gamer, please.
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PS360PCROCKS  +   2086d ago
DUH! They did a study of married people. Most married people get sick of their significant other. Hell I was with my ex for 2 years and I couldn't stand her so much that I used to play games just SO she would leave me the fuc* alone!
ultramoot  +   2086d ago
"The study shown that 18% of men said they preferred the video game over the sex, whilst the other 82% said otherwise."

Only 18%? The title had me thinking it was more like 90%... Sounds like the author is desperate for hits.
#26 (Edited 2086d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
techpinger  +   2086d ago
you only read the end
Mr Exclusive  +   2086d ago
I would put pp, Bungie and Why Dis (and their hundreds of multiple accounts) in this catagory.
Raypture  +   2086d ago
10 Reason why a Vidya Game is Better than a Woman
You can enjoy a Vidya Game all month long (unless you get bored of it)
Your Vidya Game will always wait patiently for you while you browse the intetnet
Vidya Games don't get jealous when you grab a different one
When you go online, you know you can always pick up a DLC
After you've had a Vidya Game, the bottle is still worth trade in credits at Gamestop
A Vidya Game won't get upset if you come home and have another Vidya Game
You can play more than one Vidya Game a night and not feel guilty
You can share a Vidya Game with your friends
If you change Vidya games you don't have to pay alimony
Vidya Games don't demand equality
Jack-Pyro  +   2086d ago
I'll admit, that made me laugh...

But your forgetting something...Vidyagames can't make you a sandwhich!

XD I kid, I kid
delpiero89  +   2086d ago
capjacksparrow  +   2086d ago
I got another one
Even better, you don't have to wait a week or so to "experience" your video game, it's a bit different with women. Plus you may get the CLAP.
keysy420  +   2086d ago
from what i read they wanted to know what you excert more adrenaline to something you've never vrs something you regular at. i dont use my brain during sex so my adrenaline should be lower hince my heart rate is down.
Crusade  +   2086d ago
It's not your duty as a man to want sex from a woman. Just as it isn't a woman's duty to want sex from a man. If a woman said she enjoyed games or volleyball or listening to music more than sex no one would say she's any less of a woman. There's a major double standard here. For example, if a man doesn't generate an erection from a woman's sexual advances, they say he has a physical dysfunction and needs viagra. No one thinks a woman is physically defective if she doesn't get wet from that thing you do to her neck sometimes. If some guys prefer games to women, that's what they prefer. End of story.
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