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GameTrailers Bonus Round: Sony @ E3 2010

E3 2010 is almost here! In this episode of the Bonus Round, we’re back in our LA studio talking about the biggest convention in gaming and what to expect from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Will Sony introduce a brand new PSP and attempt to enter 3-D gaming? What about Microsoft’s Project Natal – will it be a part of a new Xbox 360 slim redesign? Will Nintendo’s mysterious game-changing 3DS steal the show? All that, plus our experts weigh in on this year’s biggest upcoming games and rumors. (E3, Industry, PS3, PSP)

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colonel179  +   2084d ago
This is LAME!
They didn't talk about anything worth listening. It's like they don't even have a clue.
TOO PAWNED  +   2084d ago
Same old story. Bring in guys that are not interested in PS3. Except that GI guy he seemed to know something. Go back and watch from previous years BR, same, no excitment for Sony, but when it comes to MS, everyone goes nuts! On top of all out of 13 min of what was supposed to be Sony episode they spoke at least 4 minutes about Natal and 3DS.
Best part is when Gerstman said Sony wont have anything surprising, only sequels, hahaha Sony in last 3 years had so many new IPs, why would it be different this year? Very ignorant from him.
The thing Sony will once again deliver more exclusve content then MS, but those same people will be talking only about MS or mostly. Its so pathetic.
scofios  +   2084d ago
@TOO PAWNED Same old story. Bring in guys that are not interested in PS3. MTV Networks’ will provide live, high-definition video streams on the Internet of both the Xbox 360 Media Briefing and The World Premiere of “Project Natal” for Xbox 360 , Thats why.
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Tilian  +   2084d ago
It must take real conscious effort (like Gerstman) to so easily brush Sony aside. Could he be any more dismissive? After all this time I still don't get why so many media people refuse to properly acknowledge Sony.
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HolyOrangeCows  +   2084d ago
Bonus Round = ZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZ
EpicBattleCry/AVGN = Win
Cevapi88  +   2084d ago
"renowned analyst???".....FAIL
xabmol  +   2084d ago
EBC is THE best gaming podcast EVAR!

CO-OP was the 2nd best. RIP CO-OP :(
trounbyfire  +   2084d ago
its not geoff's fault
he tried and geoff is not a 360 or ps3 fanboy but the three other didn't care about the ps3. it happens all the time because the little circle that they are in is majority 360 fanboys that will say fanboys are stupid then say a bias ps3 statement and when you call them out its all i play my ps3 all the time but my 360 more
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jack_burt0n  +   2084d ago
not one mention of agent........ gametrailers is worthless.
Hallmark Moment  +   2084d ago
I don't know why you're upset this is the general consensus by most major developers, consumers are very exited to have Minority Report Tech in their living rooms. Soccer moms and kids will love to play their fitness games etc without peripherals is the developer so chooses not to add a Natal peripheral.

Dam if you are offended by this I suggest you only view PS3 only coverage of the show through PSN LOL.


Sony doesn't have a choice.

On topic
-No one is bashing Sony or against the PS3.
-No one is being payed by Microsoft and are 360 fanboys
-The Bonus round isn't suddenly crap because folks are excited about the 360 offerings.

People are simply more excited about Natal more than anything else, just because fanboys where making anti 360/Natal noise on forums sense last E3 doesn't mean people magically lost interest when they deemed it the most interest thing they have ever seen a year before. Natal has already won some greatest tech award of the decade.

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trounbyfire  +   2084d ago
wow you missed the point
1.Well when you spend the whole time taking a crap and down playing the PS3 and the games on PS3 its called bashing.

2.we never said that they were being paid that's just a saying but everyone knows that the little group of people that live in California the G4tv,shacknews,gametrailers, the 1up and i could go on,they have mostly 360 fanboys in the circle and those are the people on BR talking about Sony.

3.You don't get the point it was sony video and a large part was not even about sony. and know one care about natal why, because they all know that it super casual but why you don't see anything for a year i guess people start to wonder.

you act like them. we are not fanboys but the 360 is better. shut the hell up and stop thinking you are better than the rest. we play the same games you do
Chubear  +   2084d ago
Zzzzzzzz. They really need to insert some sort of excitment into these kinds of shows
One thing that got me thinking though is how some of the media sound so glum about the PSP. You'd think the thing isn't selling at all and has only sold 500k in all these years.

The PSP is 60mill sold but the general feel you get from the media is that it is somehow a failure. No other portable outside of Nintendo has managed to dream of selling 1/10th the numbers the PSP has... but it's gloom and doom for Sony? why, cause one version of the PSP isn't selling as well as the other 3 versions at it's price point right now? aren't they all the PSP?
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ZombieAutopsy  +   2084d ago
Shhh, dont bring that logic in here.

I do feel though they need a PSP2, the PSP was a success and Sony to continue with the handheld market...or SEGA should make a handheld console again.
Megaton  +   2084d ago
Bonus Round and Invisible Walls are terrible. The best original shows at GT aren't even made there, like EpicBattleCry.

Looking at GT's E3 coverage page, either Sony's show is only 1 hour long, or they're gonna cut it early to broadcast Microsoft's Natal event.
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Aquanox  +   2084d ago
Thing is, Sony has been overshadowed by Microsoft in the past 2 E3 and they didn't seem to change their formula. Showing their exclusives is good but it wont give them the hype they need to conquer sales. Wheter you like it or not, Microsoft has proven to know better how to have a heavy hitting conference.
boodybandit  +   2084d ago
Sony has been overshadowed by MS in the past 2 E3's?
Please explain how.
Milo (The Wizard of Oz edition) and Dodge Ball with Natal?
Some famous people on stage that don't play video games promoting and hyping games (most of which were multiplatform titles), gizmo's and gadgets. <- This excites you?

Do you actually play video games or do you play hype and smoke and mirrors? Honest question.

Sorry but Sony might lack that disco balls, strobe lights, glam, glitter, confetti and famous brigade on parade that MS puts on "but" they do what gamers expect them to do, announce games!
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DeZv3  +   2084d ago
Aquanox still as delusional as he was back in 2006.

Do you still work for MS Aqua?
NYC_Gamer  +   2084d ago
i'd rather watch the HHG show...
ForROME  +   2084d ago
Thats got to be the worst comment Ive ever read...
TOO PAWNED  +   2084d ago
Sadly somehow it isnt.....
Silly gameAr  +   2084d ago
But, a true comment none the less.
BattleAxe  +   2084d ago
At least HHG makes things more exciting.
-MD-  +   2084d ago
If by exciting you mean nauseating then I agree.
Vino  +   2084d ago
Why even bother listening to any of the conferences, I only wait until their over and watch the trailers. Once E3 was downsized it lost it's flair.
silkrevolver  +   2084d ago
The conferences are the highlights of E3! After they are over, the rest of E3 is usually pretty pointless (unless you are there, of course.)
Vino  +   2084d ago
I know that but it doesn't feel the same ever since E3 got smaller. I'll give each conference a chance but I'm hoping they'll be good.
BBAM  +   2084d ago
I enjoyed this vid
guess I'm alone xD
E3 has gone back to how it used to be now, I agree it was terrible those 2 years it went small.
It's good to hear that natal has lots of software ready for launch. Just hope Microsoft show the full extent of what Natal can do, according to patcher they're at the point where Natal can read your finger movements. Great stuff.
I also agree about the PSP being a portable console problem, I was playing GoW on psp wondering why I didn't just play it on my TV. Games like pixel junk monsters are great for the psp, shame its rather expensive.
Also hope there is support for 3D gaming and hope developers manage to pull it off decent, because if it fails then the future of 3D gaming won't look too good.
crapgamer  +   2084d ago
Microsoft has everyone wanting to know what's up as far as pricing, bundles with a slim 360 and price points and games etc... I think even the Sony people will want to see what Natal is all about, then they will quickly bash it, no matter how awesome it is...
BattleAxe  +   2084d ago
I just want to know if MS is going to announce a fix for RRoD at E3.
Dellis  +   2084d ago
SONY don't care about E3, they rather leak everything now

whatever they got will get leaked anyways, so they don't


Also the fat guy is right, All sony has is sequels to show

big freaking deal, how about something new?
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zetsuei1  +   2084d ago
So yeah
Sequels...hmmm yeah

Lets take a look at microsoft new IP's as Publisher or Developer this generation : Gears of War, Alan Wake, Too human (fail) , Blue Dragon, Viva Pinata , Crackdown, Kameo , Shadown Run (fail), Lips, Lost Odyssey = 10 games

Sony: Uncharted, Heavy Rain, Demons Souls, Infamous ,Little Big Planet, MAG, White Knight Chronicles, Resistence, Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword, EyePet, Folklore, ModNation Racers, The Eye of Judgment, The Agency, Last Guardian, Warhawk, Valkyria Chronicles = 18 games

So...what were you saying about something new?!
silkrevolver  +   2084d ago
But to be fair...
...a few of those PS3 games weren’t so great....

All I’m saying is, yeah, the PS3 has had more IP’s this generation, but not all of them were that great. However, Uncharted, LBP, ect have more than made up for a couple of lackluster games.
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P_Bomb  +   2084d ago

How do you know there won't be another new IP, E3 hasn't even happened yet. GT are complaining about nothing. Not surprised considering they're sponsored to provide exclusive MS coverage at E3 this year (announcement on their site).

ModNation Racers was a new IP debut last E3, as was the first 256 player gameplay of MAG, and the1st full Last Guardian trailer. Last Guardian isn't even out yet. No footage of Agent yet either. There's two new IPs right there.
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scofios  +   2084d ago
@Dellis then please tell me what's crack down "2" and gears of war "3" and halo ........?
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dc1  +   2084d ago
All Sony has is sequels?..
I'll play your game...
Sony could very well roll out 8 high profile exclusive sequels and Move.
(I would list them,.. but based on your above comments you very well may have them on the tip of your tongue).
Microsoft has Gears, Crack Down 2 and Halo (..sequels) and Natal .

I'll leave you with the following exclusive "non sequel" offerings through Sony that may show (excluding Move titles):

Please continue to enjoy the 360 and I may very well join you in 2011 (depending on how well Natal does).. But please, stop trying to so hard to bash Sony... its not working.

Edit: Very good Scofios,.. you beat me to the punch.
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B-Real206  +   2084d ago
They seem to spend more time downplaying everything sony is doing, I'm interested in next weeks video about microsoft.

what I'm interested in
FF v13
FF 14
DC Universe Online

FF v13 (?)
GeOW 3

The Last Story
Epic Mickey
Arc Rise Fantasia
#7 (Edited 2084d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
B-Real206  +   2084d ago
From Sega I would like to see
SKIES OF ARCADIA 2 for what ever system......I wouldn't even mind a third release of the original on one of the HD systems. SEGA! Or release it for xbl or psn, sh*t what about panzer dragoon saga while I'm wishing on a star.
#7.1 (Edited 2084d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
zetsuei1  +   2084d ago
Am I the only one?!
Gezus, the entire gaming community will turn into casual and i'm completely in Love with Sony they keep the Great "hardcore" games coming, even with Move they will continue to do so.I'm the type of guy that GAMES its what it matters and at this point no one can top Sony, Microsoft lacks First-party (geez they FP its 4x smaller than Sony) and Nintendo seems to doesnt care and continues to launch sholvewares (aside Mario Galaxy, Zelda, Metroid etc).

I'm a "race" that will become extinct. *sobs*
B-Real206  +   2084d ago
I'm in there with you buddy, now all we need are a couple females to reproduce and we won't die out!

#8.1 (Edited 2084d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
zetsuei1  +   2084d ago
I already have one. LOL

We gotta call Duke Nukem so he repopulate the earth once more.

PS: If you ended Duke Nukem: Land of The Babes you know what i'm talking about.
foxxy  +   2084d ago
Omg we are going to go together bro lmao. Wtf was that sequel comment gametrailers is so fucken bias all of micros games are sequels gears of war 3 crackdown 2 fable 3 lmao omg it's like I live in the twlight zone.
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madpuppy  +   2084d ago
If Sony releases a PSP2
and it has dual analog sticks (and a umd drive)I would definitely get it. (if the price was right)
Bodyboarder_VGamer  +   2084d ago
The Last Guardian!
trounbyfire  +   2084d ago
don't bother
it pretty much bash sony all video then talk about natal for the rest. geoff tried to bring up some great topics but they just didn't care about ps3
Vino  +   2084d ago
Well I'm looking forward to seeing the games that are coming out. I really want to see the last guardian and a release date.
jack_burt0n  +   2084d ago
keighley is trying to attempt non bias but pachter is a raging fanboy just listen to that c*nt drivel secondhand opinion.
silkrevolver  +   2084d ago
It doesn’t matter what these guys say...
... I’ll form my opinions on Natal and the Move after E3.... I already know what the technology is theoretically capable of... just. show. some. real. games.
jianmei23   2084d ago | Spam
food86  +   2084d ago
some predictions, these guys call themselves journalist and claim to work in the gaming industry? I thought the whole point of these predictions was to try to guess on things coming up for sony not to talk up the competition I mean for christ sake each console gets their chance yet most sony's was spent talking about natal and 3ds. the only thing I got out of sony was possibly new psp and games we already know about. what happened to all the rumors or how sony is going to show games, games, games and not 1 or 2 and fill the rest with celebritys to fill the conference. As far as im concerned sony will bring one celebrity which will be kevin Butler but then again he is someone we actually want to see not someone like Yoko Ono which ruined the beatles.
#16 (Edited 2084d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
coojo   2084d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
keyserhitman  +   2084d ago
a message for




OH and by the way ... psp IS a complete A MULTI-PURPOSE DEVICE
#18 (Edited 2084d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Tripl3seis  +   2084d ago
Hahahha people love 2 hate on sony this 3 birches are gone be spechless come E3 sony has some guns to blaze bunch of bias motha fukers
Esena  +   2084d ago
Oh...and you aren't biased? Please re-read your comment....
HurstDarkStar  +   2084d ago
Every side has things to show this year
SONY: sh!t loads of games,psp2 ( probably ),new ips and i guess move (not a move fan sorry it just seems unintresting to me -_-)
MS:Natal,possible slim xbox,and games to boot
Nintendo: bragging rights ( profit wise) and now each employee now owns a mansion
Veneno  +   2084d ago
So natal will overshadow Move with casual crap while Sony will overshadow MS with hardcore games we all actually care about....

sounds A-OK to me.
-IronMan-  +   2084d ago
Its gametrailers move along people. They are owned by viacom which is affiliated with Microsoft.
mookins  +   2084d ago
Won't even bother with this video.

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