Little Big Planet E3 07 Character Interaction Interview interviews Alex Evans, the technical director of Little Big Planet.

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Kyur4ThePain4107d ago

I'm going to get fired when this game comes out!
I'm going to end up spending way too much time on level creation.

ad4mb4107d ago

lol this is gonna be a great game

Siesser4107d ago

Spring/Summer?! Well, patience is a virtue . . .

Fastdog094107d ago

I think I am more excited for this game then any other one for the PS3

Shadow Flare4107d ago

forgot who said it, but someone said about this game, "It really is the only game where the only limit is your imagination"

Every single video i see for this game spawns new ideas for level creation for me.For instance something i was wondering about was answered in this video and i was wondering how high you can make the levels. From the sounds of it, like everything else, it's limitless

I have some great level ideas, can't wait to make them.

Lord Anubis4107d ago

this and echochrome. Although I haven't touch ecochrome since yesterday. I would hope the final game allow for user created demos. I haven't touch ecochrome since yesterday but I'll try to create some interesting levels on ecochrome.

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