Warhawk E3 Air and Ground Battles

A video from showing air and ground combat from Warhawk.

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ER1X4143d ago

Is the beta over? I tried to get on just now for the first time in a month and I keep getting Network Error.

chasegamez4143d ago

it over u miss a good ass beta

Salvadore4143d ago

The game is fricking awesome, this is probably the reason why I like the PS3 (not 6axis).

Jack Tretton4142d ago

Warhawk was actually going to be a xbox 360 game at first but then we actually seen how crappy of a game it is so we made it ps3 exclusive.

Now the bad news is that we wanted to show everyone how fugly the game is by putting it in HD sorry bout that.

So please show some good ol sony love and go out and buy this turd as soon as it hit's store shelves Thanx lemmings

360Sheep4142d ago (Edited 4142d ago )

awwww silly xbot cant handle the games coming from the ps3.. don't worry, you can still play your 3rd rendition of the same game, or a game that came out a year ago which no is playing online anymore. Its ok, mommy and daddy will buy you a ps3 if your good and get a C average in school. Baaaaaaa Baaaaaaaaaaaa you sheep, enjoy replacing your broken console every 6 months

lVlemphizStylez4142d ago

hmm you are aware there was an original Warhawk for PS1 right?? Go look at who develops it...Then realize why your statement of "It was an xbox game" makes little to no sense...

the greatest4142d ago

the lag is so bad on the 360
there's noway this game will work on the 360
no lag on the ps3