Go! Gaming Giant: Blood Beach and Bit.Trip Runner reviews

From the review:

"Whenever a new Bit.Trip game is released, it reminds me of why I enjoy the WiiWare service so much. Despite all of the shovelware we have to deal with, Gaijin occasionally treats us with these fantastic musical retro-inspired gems. Bit.Trip Beat is still one of the most mesmerizing games I have ever played. For me, nothing in the series can top that first game, but I am still always excited when a new one comes out because there is such beauty in their simplicity. Bit.Trip Runner keeps the trend going and although it isn’t the type of game I normally enjoy, it has captivated me nonetheless."

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Murgatroyd72975d ago

It feels good to have another Bit.Trip game. They need to start porting these to the DS.

thegreatest78842975d ago

So, anyone want to predict when developers will leave WWII behind? It's getting kind of old storming the beachhead game after game.

RaymondM2974d ago

yeah, there are only so many times we can replay D-day. I mean its a significant battle, but its just over used.
I dont see an end to WW2 games in sight. but I do like it more than modern combat. The feeling of fighting in WW2 like you've seen an accomplished war.
my two cents.

omicron0092975d ago

Bit.Trip Runner looks pretty cool