StarCraft II Map Publishing Intro

Blizzard has now introduced map publishing with Patch 13.

Now players can post and play their customized map on with others. Players will also be able to upload and use mods.

StarCraft: IncGamers has delved further into this.

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SCFreelancer2858d ago

I always wondered what this functionality was all about, nice!

Orphan2858d ago

Interesting concept. I'd be interested in seeing what people can do with this

Leord2858d ago

I think it's silly they have so little space for maps per person.

What's that about?

Cogo2858d ago

Indeed, 5 maps? 20 MB? Is this really the new gaming network?

King Klear2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

I doubt anybody can make over 5 quality maps during the beta, and the limit will definitely go up with full release.

Leord2858d ago

You think? This will be the same servers. Why make Beta so much more limited?

Bandreus2858d ago

The point is, there's not any restriction on map's quality for them to be published. So, one could post early test versions of maps.

Bandreus2858d ago

Because they foresee lots of people buying the game, so space could become an issue. Ie, 1M units sold on they one (and that is reductive, counting in preoders) multiplied 20MB, 20TB space only for user's maps. They most likely don't want more stress than this on their infrastructure just on release

King Klear2858d ago

Oh god oh god... I have to go make some maps real quick!

Cogo2858d ago

The main thing here is really the LOCKING feature. That is the big news in my opinion.

King Klear2858d ago

Well, Blizzard supporting locking directly will pretty much mean everything locked, which leaves very few maps from where people can learn... it could affect the quantity of good maps, though maybe it's not such a great deal.

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