Drunken Irish character in 'Red Dead Redemption' causes outrage

It is expected to be one of the best selling action adventure video games of all time, but just-released Wild West game "Red Dead Redemption" has Irish media outraged at a drunken Irish character who is inebriated and abusive all the time.

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DavidMacDougall2735d ago

Its an 18?

If its played by anyone under that age that doesn't know its a joke thats not Rockstars problem :p

Yi-Long2735d ago

.... So what!? Who cares? Let them be offended.

People need to grow up and grow some skin, instead of being so overly sensitive. But hey, that's the Irish for ya: always so sensitive(!)

ExgamerLegends22734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Is wats wrong with society.

People need to learn what "crossing the line" means. You cant do something offensive and expect someone not to be offended. That's ridiculous. Though, knowing R* they prolly did it on purpose.

Government Cheese2734d ago

Haha.. Maybe the irish just aren't used to being picked on. There were so many jabs at Americans in GTA IV, yet I never heard the american media take offense to any of it.

ReBurn2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Crossing the line? It bewilders me how there are people out there who think that they have some right to never be offended by anything. Rockstar has always picked up on stereotypes in their games. Every GTA game since GTA III has been packed full of them. The stereotype of the drunk, red-nosed, boisterous Irishman isn't any worse than any of the other ones in Rockstar's games. And with the number of Irish pubs where I live it seems like some work very hard to earn it. This game is also full of stereotypes, not just a drunken Irish stereotype.

Some people just seem to like to feel offended and complain about it. I guess that's their right. Thank goodness that I also have the right to not care.

heroicjanitor2734d ago

I am Irish and let me tell you no one is offended! The Evening Herald is a tabloid looking for attention, enough said?

The only problem I have with him is his shit accent :P It really is quite bad at times, they should get an Irish person to do it. He pronounces the "f" in "of" :(

bloop2734d ago

Im Irish but I haven't got my copy of RDR yet (damn you!!!!). I know for a fact I won't be offended by it. Except for what heroicjanitor said. The only thing that bugs me about Irish characters are very bad accents. As for the boozing?? Sure it's no secret that we love a drink :)

HolyOrangeCows2734d ago

The Irish are dirty, worthless drunks.

Any of my brethren in here? :D

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villevalorox2734d ago

lol family guy has all of them and I don't hear people getting all boo hoo over it lol. hahahahahah everyone trying to give R* a hard time... keep it up R* I guess the media thinks it's okay because PG is a fat white american.... uhhh people need to stfu when it comes to games, look at movies for god sake.

Rainstorm812734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Is that why drinking is the main event on St Patricks Day?? Where are all the drunken irish complaining then??

Its a game get over it! This isnt the first drunken irish sterotype and it wont be the last.

Every race & nationality get stereotyped its the world we live in.

EDIT: I agree villevalorox, no one complained about Micky Mcfinnigan on Family Guy, He the whole reason Peter's a Drunk. Thats why Seth Mcfarlanes shows are popular its shows the hypocrisys and stereotypes others like to preted dont exist in thier communities.

But God forbid its in a video game.

heroicjanitor2734d ago

You have to realise it's a tabloid newspaper, they're just trying to cause a stir. Most Irish people think it's funny, except for the occasionally bad accent

kingdavid2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

"...noting the game will be played by millions of kids worldwide."

I Lol'd. Gotta love journalists.

ThanatosDMC2734d ago

There's so much racism in the game, and they just noticed it now? Just press circle on your character online when your gun is holstered.

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360degrees2735d ago

I've never even heard of such a stereotype in my life

bloop2734d ago

Who are ya callin' abusive ya little feckin eejit?!?! Now, I'm off for me mornin' whiskey.......

polestar42735d ago

Stereotypes lets us make good story's.Because it copying reel life their are stereotype or clicks or categorize in everything we see or do.People will scream over anything.Schoolchildren playing this game know this is what we should be screaming over. ps im Irish and i was rolling around on the ground laughing my ass off[This could be me in 30 years]

ReBurn2734d ago

If schoolchildren will be playing this then the stereotype of the bad parent definitely comes into play.

ZombieAutopsy2734d ago

Yea i seen that coming as soon as I came across Irish. Honestly though F**k the people it offends, every day on see something on TV that many people could find offensive or racist or just insulting to groups of people and thats the world we live in if you dont like it screen everything you watch/read/listen too for the rest of your overly sensitive life.

Obama2734d ago

they also have Chinese who got addicted to opium, but I don't see the Chinese complaining.

LightofDarkness2734d ago

That probably has more to do with the Chinese people not really knowing of it's existence...

pixelsword2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

The ramifications of the Chinese complaining as a country (if that's what you are implying) are limited, and may only be brought up as a political measure; as Chinese Americans, it may be noted that Opium smoking was outlawed April 1, 1909; and between the bigotry/racism that was set against the Chinese and the fact that RDR took place in 1911, it would be unlikely that there would be any Chinese carrying the stuff around for the simple fact that they would more likely be hung/shot than the average "cowboy". I would say it would be more potent to point those facts out and laugh at the lack of historical accuracy of the game.

*In history, the Chinese had to push back on the Americans and the English because a lot of the populace were getting addicted... most Western historians try to blame the Opium Wars on isolationist and exclusionary trade policy, but that's not true.

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