Gamakei: Skate 3 Review

Gamakei writes: "Skate 3 is pretty much exactly what you have come to expect from a Skate game developed by Black Box. The only difference between this game and earlier Skate games is that Skate 3 lacks any sort of reason to play, unless you take part in games with buddies online. Remember how the first and second Skate games had a story that you could complete? Yeah well, Skate 3 is completely missing any story. It almost seems as if the boring single player is just a tutorial for players to get used to the online features of the game."

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hatchimatchi3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

the story in skate one was about you, an upcoming skater trying to go pro.

skate 2 featured you, a skater fresh out of prison trying to make a come back.

skate 3, you and your former camera man start a board company and try to get known around the city.

No one is buying skate for the story, because there's never been much of one. Plus, online is bad now? Funny, I could've sworn single player only games were a thing of the past (sarcasm)