Pachter: “No chance in hell” games will go download-only soon

VG247 Writes:

Speaking on the latest version of GameTrailers show Pach Attack, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has said he thinks retail games going download-only won’t happen any time soon.

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Raptura2949d ago

For once, I can't believe it, I actually agree with Pachter...............

I prefer a physical copy as I'm able to do with it as I please, like trade it in, sell it to a friend or let my friend borrow it or even bring it around with me.

When I download a game, like I have with a few on PSN and XBL Games of Demand, I feel as if I don't OWN the game, but merely am renting it from them.

pangitkqb2949d ago

Even though I don't mind digital distribution, a solid of portion of gamers worldwide much prefer a physical format. By voting w/their wallets they immediately ensure at least a few more years of physical gaming formats. Good for them for making the industry listen to consumers.

darkmurder2949d ago

Pachter: "No chance in hell" He'll be right soon.

Although having said that he is probably right on this, this can never happen for a long time because whilst parts of the world have the infrastructure (America, Japan) the rest of hte world does not have the required internet quota to be able to download and download and download.

Strange_Evil2949d ago

Going digital won't happen anytime soon. Just think about all the people working at various Gamestop's and other places... All will go jobless if this happens. Not only that, but there is an entire 2nd hand market.. You can't rent games, you can't buy it cheaper used... It's just not feasible. Also people just prefer to have a hardcopy over DD.

Companies might provide an option in the future with Digital downloads and Hardcopies, but none will go fully digital anytime soon. Even the next gen consoles will have a disc format. You can bookmark this for future reference if you want.

BRG90002949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Well, DD can certainly include the ability to rent games. Itunes and other services already do this with movies.

Nihilism2949d ago

Damn straight, I will buy all my games retail as long as they make them, I like cracking those pesky activation limits, everyone is so quick to put the control of the games in the hands of an Ubisoft run server, but when you have to call technical support to get a god damn single player game working, it will be too late, the monopoly will have gather speed, and you'll be told politely by customer service to go F yourself...

+ game cases are tasty. I make sweet love to my game manuals on cold nights...

*clears throat*

RageAgainstTheMShine2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Take it from Mike Pachter, Blu-ray haters!
Take it from Mike Pachter, Microsoft!
Take it from Mike Pachter, Xbox720!

The PSP Go was a sacrificial lamb to tell the world that a digital download ONLY like the next Xbox720 ain't gonna work for the masses.

Blacktric2949d ago

Of course you agree. It's like agreeing with someone who said Peanut butter is sweet. Or sun is hot.

gaffyh2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Peanut Butter isn't sweet, what world do you live in where peanut butter is sweet???

Rainstorm812949d ago

You didnt have to go all Vince Mcmahon on us.

But i also agree nor would i want it to be download only. you think we are getting ripped off now by DLC, wait till DD starts we will have games fully gimped to be sold in pieces. Then still be charged the same price as if the had to print discs or add packaging.

Digital Distribution is full of FAIL of now......keep it with PSN and XBL titles thats as far as it need s to go right now

ThanatosDMC2949d ago

He either likes stating the obvious or pull things out of his ass.

N4BmpS2949d ago

#Looks Around* Hm the worlds not ending Pachter just made good valid points, anyway I doubt consoles are gonna go DL only as well. For Sony it would be a mistake(another one) to do DL only(you remember the PSPGO?) Especially since they have Blu-ray, which is taking off more and more by the year.MS is more likely to go the DL only route but I doubt their even gonna go that way, they'd probably invest in a new HD format or something(oh wait). I don't even have to mention Nintendo but Nintendo, nuff said; what the hell they ain't gonna do it either. Disk have to much sentimental value, at least to me.

Kerrby2949d ago

Wow. Congratulations on stating the obvious Pachter.

zag2949d ago

What are you kidding me?

Dawn of War II is a steam release on disk
Dawn of War II chaos is a steam release on disk
Supreme commander 2 is a steam release on disk.

Do I need to say more.

Most games these days are becoming bloody steam only installs even when you do buy a disk.

Games won't be download only ever my arse.

This guy probably never bought a game so never knows.

E46M32949d ago

He makes predictions keeping consoles in mind.

Since his payroll revolves around consoles he likes to pretend PC gaming doesnt exist.

Few weeks back he made a comment on RTS games and said "RTS is turn based" rofl

He doesnt have a clue about PC gaming and since PC gaming is a decade ahead of consoles. It would be right to assume some games might go DD only on PC and if that trend keeps up. Then 10years from now it may very well start happening on Consoles.

TrailerParkSupervisr2949d ago

Patcher is always wrong. It's even joked that what he predicts, expect the opposite. So, if he's saying there is no way, then....

dee de dee de dee de dee de (lame attempt at the Twilight Zone opening music)

SaiyanFury2949d ago

@ Raptura

I'm with you. Normally Pachter is a complete schmuck who doesn't know his head from his arse, but in that statement I am in agreeance. Games being download only is a long way off. People enjoy the presence of a physical disc, and actually owning property. Downloading full games might have a place in the future, but since the development of VHS and BetaMax tapes for movie viewing, people have come to adopt physical media as owning a piece of property. You pay for it, it's yours. I love that sense of security and the vast majority of media users also have the same mentality. DD might have a future, but for now those of us average people enjoy the sense of ownership of property.

sikbeta2949d ago

OMG! He did it... HE F*cking did it!

For the FIRST TIME in his life, the dude is RIGHT!...

evrfighter2949d ago

DD will begin to dominate once Sony or M$ go the Valve route and start selling their DD games at sweet prices every now and then like Valve does. DD isn't going anywhere on console if it's just used to push old games.

So even though it's estimated that DD is 80% of pc gaming. It's also known that console gaming follows at the heels of pc gaming. Pachter is still right. If Sony or M$ can make an extra buck off their user base. There's no chance in hell console games will go download only soon.

pimpmaster2949d ago

DUDE WTF!!!!!! another pactor story from the same video thats already IN another story on here!!!!

report this shit as duplicate, someone ban that site from posting here, all their doing is posting provocative pactor quotes from a video which could of just been linked in the first place!!

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mjolliffe2949d ago

Yeah this is strange. He's right.

RockmanII72949d ago

I hope he doesn't jinx us

Nathan Drake22949d ago

psp go sales are saying the same thing.

taktak2949d ago

I wouldnt agree.

DD is doing so well on the PC.

PSP in general is tanking in sales anyways. Be it hard copies or DD.

Cant just Blame DD for bad sales on the PSP go.

Pekka2949d ago

That doesn't explain why regular PSP still sells over 10 times more than PSP Go. In Japan PSP sells more than PS3 and almost everyone still buys regular PSP over PSP Go. It looks almost like that PSP Go was never released there.

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