XCDP Google gaming map

Ever wondered where your fav gamer is?well this is what you want the XLN live gaming map powered by google take a look....

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Lord Anubis4167d ago (Edited 4167d ago )

eh, I guess it needs more members.

mrk014167d ago

can you get directions to get from one gamer to another?

stonyarc4167d ago


Direction can be added but the actual target is to communicate to community members via their "live profile" or "live blog" on XLN stuff like "gamer x is playing Gears of War only 10 miles away from you why don't you join him" or "in you timezone there are X gamers playing game Y".

That feature should be online soon

XerockX4167d ago

Now when someone sh*t talks you and calls you a f*g you can go to there house and beat the hell out of them!