Killing Children In Red Dead Redemption

Before you decide to lead an angry mob towards Rockstar’s doorstep let me inform you that the game does not normally allow for this to happen, but an uncovered exploit changes that. Many have wondered when Rockstar would allow the realism and violence reach the young ones in game. In GTA IV there was a stroller spotted out on some rock as a little easter egg to tease people who considered the idea. It seems that Red Dead Redemption is the game that breaks the tradition and allows you to kill more than just grown ups.

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ShadyDevil2711d ago

Kind of sick and twisted..and kinda cool

xiren1872711d ago

Yea, every Rockstar games' are controversial.

ThanatosDMC2711d ago

I havent found any kids except that strange mission but i never found any kids except blood marks.

deadreckoning6662711d ago

Wait...u can kill kids in RDR? Nice...I'm buying this frist thg in the morning!!

ThanatosDMC2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

If only... i wanted to kill those snotty kids in Little Lamp in Fallout 3 so bad. They're like immortal guardians blocking a simple door.

BTW, Major Spoilers in the article if you havent played the game or progress through the story.

inveni02711d ago

I was riding through a town yesterday in RDR thinking, "This would be a lot more realistic with a couple of kids running around." Then, I started to wonder what the big deal was. Why can't you shoot a kid in a video game? Or, even if it would just shut off your gun, like it does with major characters, but still let you punch them and knock them down (like in Fable).

I just think they should do it, and if the ESRB has a problem with it, they should sue the censoring jerks and find out what makes kids so much more special than cops and mothers and fathers, etc.

HolyOrangeCows2710d ago

You can kill any innocent long as they have hit puberty.


Yi-Long2711d ago

It's an open world, and there should be kids running around in it, and it should be possible to shoot them or knife them or whatever, if that's what we want to do.

The game, or any game, shouldn't limit us in that freedom, just because that's the 'politically correct' thing to do.

inveni02711d ago

What we need is a gamer elected president, and not some console nazi like Obama.

sid4gamerfreak2711d ago

no wonder my mom loves this game...

MEsoJD2711d ago

You kill tons of guys. Whats a couple of kids?

This whole politically correct thing is really annoying.

BannedForNineYears2711d ago

The kid's 16......So. -_-
Technically not a kid.

Sheikh Yerbouti2710d ago

you are pretty much still a kid.

bootsielon2710d ago

I'm still a kid? lol yay?

Etseix2710d ago

good sarcasm my friend hahaha

instead of kid i think is called *teenagear*

SeanRL2711d ago

To be able to kill children should be a choice no matter what. It's extremely twisted and horrible but when I set off an explosion only to go inside the building I just blew up and find little Timmy walking around a bunch of dead bodies it really kills the immersion.

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GuruStarr782711d ago

Gotta try this.....after SNL...

PPNSteve2711d ago

Nice find.. and just what we need too. *sigh*

TANUKI2711d ago

A little offtopic: Have you guys seen the video, where these two guys use the main character to lasso a nun and then put her on train tracks? That's pretty twisted too...

electricshadow2711d ago

Ha, yes. I laughed so hard at that. It's worth a trophy/achievement too!

pixelsword2711d ago

that's probably to save the kids, as she might take them to her local priest.

TANUKI2711d ago

LOL, now THAT'S funny.

games4fun2711d ago

with that R* has just guarenteed themselves the biggest media sh%tstorm since the ps2 gta games.

Which will only drive sales.

This makes them an easy target though even more than the sex and violence for adults.

Children isn't line you usually cross

I for one hope this is just over speculation on my part and isn't blown out of proportion because the game shines on its own merits, killing children shouldn't be some kind of attraction.

TooTall192710d ago

Fallout has done it for years. It's not a big deal.