The Price Wars of Australia

A brief but straight forward article on the price hikes and retailer conflict in regards to game pricing and price hikes.

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cayal2977d ago

I'll never go to EB Games again. Complete rip off.

Play-Asia or JB Hi Fi for me, or if necessary, Dungeon Crawl.

gcolley2977d ago

EB games is aimed at the mum's and dad's who don't really know better. no gamers should actually shop there.

the only time would be to make them price match purely out of convenience but otherwise i avoid them like the plague. between their insane prices and idiotic pushy bullsh!tting staff i just don't want to give them a cent.

jkhan2977d ago

I usually get my games from ebay. JB Hifi is also a better option. EB games are just ripping ppl off. They are the Gamestop of Australia.

Scott6672977d ago

Why do we pay almost double the American price? I can understand that it would cost a little more to reformat to work with our region encoding as well as shipping, but where does my extra ~$30 go?

Is it the publishers who demand to be payed so much more or is the the retailers?


Lawrst2977d ago

It costs money to distribute a game right? Well the US can get away with it because there are 200million people in the country. In Australia that number is closer to 20 million. It is a much smaller market to sell games too. The wii is only just past 1 million consoles sold in australia compared to around 25 in the states, with a smaller market there needs to be a higher profit made per unit to justify them selling it here.

Also to defend EB, they only sell games, JB and Big w dont make anymore than 5 or so dollars on a brand new release. How do you expect EB to be able to run a store and pay employees with that sort of overhead?

shink2977d ago

GAME has some good prices for games and they are just a 'game store' just like EB. e.g Red Dead Redemptiom: GAME: $89 EB: $108
Not sure of their financial status but I'm glad they have lower prices, plus they have had some really good online sales too.

Lawrst2977d ago

Yes but online they can do it because there is a much lower cost to send a game from their distribution center. In store it is more of a ploy to get you loyal to the company so you will trade a game in, or buy some used games or accessories which is where their highest profit margins are.

Nihilism2977d ago, mass effect 2 was $89 vs. EB games online/ in store price of $109

Even with GAME their in store prices are $10 more than their online prices, never walk into a store.

I bought mirrors edge from game for $4...rofl, they have heaps in every store i've been in, so if you live in aus and don't have it for PC, you have good reason to buy it

brycewilson2977d ago

PC ME for 4 bucks?!? Sound's like a steal.

Nihilism2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

yep $4 for mirrors edge at any GAME store, instore only though, game has free shipping online and they won't let you ship something that will lose them money, pc version of course....the 360 version is $40...rofl again