Worth The Hype? Red Dead Redemption

Analoghype: "The games focus on former outlaw, John Marston and his adventures across the American frontier. At first glance many hyped it up to be a wild west version of Grand Theft Auto. Lets see if Red Dead Redemption is worth the hype."

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LevDog2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Bring on the disagrees.. but NO this game is not worth it to me.. Boring as hell.. It goes up there as only 2 games I regretted to buy.. GTA4 and this one... Oddly enough they are made by the same dev and played exactly the same...

Once again the funnest time I had was free roam with friends.. but that is old already.. Trading it in and getting Mod nation

young juice2799d ago

you didnt give us a reason

Dsnyder2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Id say its a good direction for Rockstar to go in. I have never really seen a game nail down the wild west setting like RDR has. There is great voice acting and shooting physics are pretty convincing. All the little mini games are a nice touch as well. Things like this should be done more often. We dont have time machines so games like this make me feel like im looking back in time.

lowcarb2799d ago

Definitely worth the hype. I only wish games like Fable took note of this game. This is probably the best game I've played this generation hands down.

solidboss2799d ago


klado2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Why does it sound of an implying about modnation being not good enough to deserve such trading...I found it more ententarning than RDR after finishing with it, what do you say now

Greywulf2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

It just wasn't the same feeling as San Andreas or well.. ANy GTA i've played. Even the top down ones provided decent entertainment. Saints Row 2 was great fun, and I feel like its what GTA should have been.

I've totally been on the fence about this one, Rockstar fooled us all once with GTA4. So I was hoping for more of the sandbox world options, but it is sounded pretty repetitive, which is a killer for a GTA title. Its the same divide as before it looks like.

I'd be interested in hearing from someone who absolutely knows GTA4 is complete garbage, and see what their opinion is of RDR. Can't stand the "ZOMG EPIC" crowd that thinks all things rockstar is gold.

TheBand1t2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

I hated GTA4, and I can assure you RDR is well worth the hype. Especially the multiplayer, which I thought was gonna be tacked on like GTA4s but is actually real fun.

Bet on it.

Absolut_Turkey2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

IMHO GTA4 was really disappointing. Going on "dates" with your friends just to keep them happy was REALLY irritating. Fortunately, Red Dead Redemption is NOTHING like GTA4. The side quests alone, like hunting animals or going after wanted criminals, are a blast(especially if you turn off auto-aim). There's plenty to do. There's even a trophy for hogtying a woman, laying her on some train tracks, and watching her get run over by a train. The game itself feels like GTA:SA with bits of Mercenaries, and Fallout 3 mixed in. It does suffer from glitches. And sometimes those glitches are so bad that you will fail missions due to some odd occurrences like enemies hiding in the geometry, or cows spontaneously dying. But said glitches are few and far between. Despite the glitches, I believe that RDR's many pros outweigh it's few cons. Try the game out. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

N4PS3Fanboys2799d ago

Greywulf: "Saints Row 2 was great fun, and I feel like its what GTA should have been."

So you mean GTA IV should have had awful physics, an awful story, low presentation values, a bland, lifeless city, pathetic dialogue and voice acting, archaic driving physics, and mediocre multiplayer modes? Because that's all stuff that SR2 had and fortunately GTA IV did not.

GTA IV is the highest rated game of this generation for a reason. It is a masterpiece and a true work of art. There is more attention to detail put into one block of Liberty City than there is in entire other games.

Rocket Sauce2799d ago

That's pretty much how I feel. I watched some gameplay and it looks exactly like GTA 4. Probably not worth the hype.

Red Dead REVOLVER was a kickass game, though - I think I'm going to go pick that up again.

games4fun2799d ago


Saints row gameplay/fun factor> gta4's

After the missions are finished there is literally nothing to do in gta4. Not to mention a lot of the missions are boring aside from the bank mission. Saints row on the other hand had VARIETY.

Gta4 and R* games have great presentation variety needed to be addressed as in other things besides main missions. Lets face it why make an open world and only have interesting main missions? It might as well have been a corridor game.

Which was rectified in RDR

Also other GTA games are better and offer variety as well.

Rocket Sauce2799d ago

Saints Row is ugly and it has a ridiculously bad story, but the big difference between it and GTA 4 is that Saints Row gives you stuff to do.

You can talk about art while you wash your car or send e-mail in GTA, but really, flying a plane into a skyscraper and parachuting out at the last second, only to land on a moving car shaped like a hamburger, then doing handstands on top of it is just more fun.

bunfighterii2799d ago

GTAIV haters be damned!

GTAIV stole 2008 from me- it was totally freakin' awesome!

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games4fun2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

I've only played single player and am 15 hours in with the missions in blackwater.

i had the oppossite reaction and this is after hating gta4 and saying it was overhyped, heres why.

Things occur with or without you in a more in your face manner. People have shootouts, get held up, stabbed, stolen from. You can just leave it or intervene how you see fit. Running through a side story is character driven in a more running into the person fasion. People have big shootouts in certain areas waiting for you to lend a hand. Maybe there should be more but at least its fun. If you try to do everything that comes your way you'll easy have more than enough to do. Be a bounty hunter break and horses.

Hunting and gathering alone is a game in itself.

I know there are portions where your riding for long periods of time. But the singleplayer is for people who can play for long periods of time. Not for people who want to cram everything all in one try.

The scenery/game is beutiful, which if you took the time to change the camera angle once in a while on said long horseriding trips you could enjoy it.

Finally i want to address all dificulty complaints: turn off the auto assist use the dead/eye sparingly or not at all(need based). Turn up sensitivity a little. And stop using all those power up items (even at peril of death i dont.) then come back and say the game is easy. The developer gave you all these options to make the game difficult on your own, i say use them. If you dont then you dont have the right to complain.

Glitches: they are there ive had 2 glitches, one where i died because my character flew up in the air and another where it would freeze because your supposed to not shoot the guy but it let me. Making me replay a very long mission. Was i annoyed? sure, but i love the game in spite of it.

Finally is this game overhyped maybe a little but not gta4 overhyped this is a great game with real variety and real things to do. No dating sim/sex sim instead we got people to save kill and real old west feel and mostly explorable buildings. And lots of collecting games which can take lots of time and arent just cheap thrills.

Redemption in my book redeems R* in my eyes

Edit: i forgot to mention the well written dialogue, interesting characters and well presented cinematics of the missions.

I've posted something simliar in another article, i'm just annoyed at all the complaints. To me its not gta4 redux, R* addressed the boring feeling you have of nothing to do after the main story is finished. I already have so much stuff to do after the single player i'll probably double my playtime when everything is said and done.

DARK WITNESS2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

I think you said it best, especially about the random stuff that happens.

people didn't really appriciate that about GTA4. all the stuff going on in the world around you because for some reason you didn't seem to see it happen that often.

RD has all this stuff going on as well, but you become a lot more aware of it and it seems to have a greater impact on you as well.

I am of the camp of gamers that actually enjoyed gt
a4. I still think GTA4 was very very different to any other gta game and I didn't like a lot of the stuff they took out.. but as a next gen title compared to other sandbox titles I still think it was head and sholders above the rest and I really don't think GTA4 deserved the amount of hating it got.

having said all that I think RDR is very different. It's the same formula at it's basics, but it feels very different.
the best bit is they managed to make all the side missions fun and not a drag like GTA4.

I said this somewhere else, and I will say it, my only problem with the game is the controls when your on horse back. If feels strange having to steer a horse by doing a 360 on the spot. I think AC2 had better horse controls.

apart from that though, I am loving the game, every min of it. In my book it's worth all the hype, and deserves all the success it's getting.

LevDog2799d ago

Actually I Find trading a game I (meaning Myself Not you or anyone else) do not like and find a complete waste of time and get no enjoyment whatsoever from it.. A great idea especially since I (once again meaning myself and not you or anyone else) Like and played the demo of ModNation More than RDR..

Anon73492799d ago

I completely agree with you although I rarely like open world games because of most of the quests be too similar, repetitive gameplay, crappier stories, ect and I dislike western themed stuff.

I dislike most open world games, I guess...

Oblivion (Was decent once you fixed everything with tonnes of mods)
Fable 1/2 (Semi-Open World)
Assassin's Creed 1/2
Saint's Row 1/2
Just Cause 1/2

But there are a few that I did enjoy like

Metroid Prime 1/2/3
Dues Ex
Mass Effect 1/2

ReservoirDog3162799d ago

You know, I love RDR so far. I'm actually addicted to it. And that rarely happens with me. But honestly, I can see how people like you can get bored with it because it's slow paced. I love the things like how you're naturally walking and have to press a button to run. I love the story, atmosphere, gameplay. Everything. But the slow pace that I love (granted I think it's much* faster than GTA IV, which I loved) could bore people.

So, oh well I guess. Have fun with modnation racers.

blackbeld2799d ago

Agree with you Levdog.

I thought it will be better then GTA4 but the controls still bad same GTA4.

Why can you not change the settings from you're controller?

Stupid Rockstar!

This will be my last Rockstar game I ever buy.

Christopher2799d ago

This game has many flaws in it, but it is still fun to play. Surprisingly all the things I hated about GTA4 are in RDR. This game could have been so much better just by taking a look at other games that have been released since GTA4 and implementing some of the game design elements that could fix a lot of the weak points.

Is this game over-hyped? IMHO, yeah.

Is this game worth playing and a GotY contender? IMHO, yeah. It's still hard to beat the level of detail and amount of sheer potential one has in an open world game that R* puts into their games.

You'll get frustrated a lot with the game, such as having to ride your horse all the way back to a bounty hideout because you didn't know that water resulted in instant death (why??) when you run through some chasing down the last guy, the bounty, to take him back alive. Why not just have it auto-start from a point outside of their hideout?

bjornbear2799d ago

and you are STILL bashing it...wth should anybody listen to you?

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jdlagamer2799d ago

I just finished it, and talk about beating a dead horse. I was dying for it to end just so I could be done with it. Too long, too boring. Very pretty but an 8 at best. I hate to say it, but I can't help it. Disappoint of the year.(DOTY)

TrailerParkSupervisr2799d ago

How many hours did you put in? I am at 21 and only 23% done with the game. Did you just blow thru the story mode? I can spend 4 hours just hunting the damn wolves with my knife.

This is not a COD generation style of game. Just like Demon's Souls. You have to like to take your time.

bakagaijin782799d ago

I really like to take my time with this game. I'm really enjoying just wandering around and taking it all in. I think it takes a certain personality to really enjoy this type of game though.

I hated GTA4, but I love RDR.

Tron_Rocks2799d ago

The game ROCKS and I am loving every minute of it....

SephireX2799d ago

I'm really enjoying this game. People who have no depth and can't comprehend a good well-written narrative may find this game boring but it appeals strongly to an intellectual gamer like myself. Its a brilliant game imo. Hence the awesome review scores!

klado2799d ago

Oh yeah?, intellectual gamer playing a game not so intellectual!!!catch them all... and over that calling appealing to the intellectual!!!ok.

Take it, the game is good but overhyped, I myself enjoyed god of war 3 more than this one, playing mod-nation for good, but again this game is not bad, but not that WOW.

despair2799d ago


you really lost me calling this game appealing to intellectuals lol. Sure it looks like a great game(don't own it yet..but soon) but from rockstar history and pattern of games intellectual is not what they do.

Doesn't make it bad just doesn't make sense in your statement.

Charmers2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Well being a PC gamer I wouldn't know since this game isn't available on the PC yet for some reason we still keep getting these RDR news posts in the PC channel.

Oh and for those gong "PC gamers will get it later" that may or may not be true but the official line is "no PC version planned". So until it is announced on the PC I think it is only proper that the PC channel should be RDR free.

Man In Black2799d ago

They said pretty much the same thing regarding GTA IV.

Charmers2799d ago

no they didn't, whenever someone asked them about GTA 4 on the PC they would say "we do not comment on unannounced titles". Not ONCE did they ever say "we have no plans for a PC version of GTA 4".