Analoghype: Red Dead Redemption review

Analoghype: "Hollywood was pretty much created on the back of the Old West. Many of the early heroes of movie folklore were stars of Western films. John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, Clint Eastwood, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers; so many of the biggest stars of the industry made their name and cut their teeth on Western films. The Old West has inspired music, literature, TV shows and radio programs alike, and is one of the most depicted instances through all forms of media in entertainment history. With all of that said, the Old West has had a hard time finding its niche in the virtual world of video games. Sure, some have tried, but when the most classic game of your genre is most likely an early 90’s PC game in which the most memorable event is when people in your crew die of dysentery (“Oregon Trail”), you know things are a little lacking."

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A very detailed review, worth the purchase