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Impulse Gamer: With scores of 10 out 10, 95% and plus, not to mention praises from almost every corner of the globe, I thought that my version of Alan Wake was different than everyone else. Was I missing something or was Alan Wake not my cup of tea. It was like a new version of Alone in the Dark, not like the bad sequels but like the original. With state of the art graphics, this third person adventure game was eagerly waited by the gaming community... unfortunately for me, something was missing.

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Inside_out2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Zane lost his wife. She, unlike Alice, actually died. The darkness took advantage of this and told Zane that he could bring her back by writing her into existence. Alan explains that this is not possible. The story must flow properly, characters need to be true to their character, balance must be maintained, etc. Zane broke the rules by trying to write himself and his wife into a "happily ever after" existence. The darkness used his vulnerability and took over (as editor) his story. By the time he realized it, it was too late. The Barbara that he brought back was heartless and only darkness existed where her heart was. We're not told how he knew about Alan or how he able to write his clicker memory. We're also not told how there could be a second clicker in existence, as Alan gave his clicker to Alice. Since Tom eventually managed to escape the darkness, the darkness needed a new writer to complete its story and write it into existence. This is where Alan comes in. The darkness needed a way to manipulate Alan into writing a manuscript that it could edit and use to take control of everything. It uses Alice as a hostage. Alice is not actually dead, but being held captive by the darkness. Alan, however, is not originally aware of this. When he finally regains his memory, he realizes that it was the darkness that told him Alice had drowned and that he could use his manuscript to change what happened. Since Alan never finished his manuscript, he now realizes that he can still prevent the story from ending as a horror where everyone dies. He has the darkness release Alice, but he remains imprisoned in the cabin to finish the story. He realizes that there is a lot of work to be done, but he now realizes what he has to do to stop the darkness (of which we're not really told). Mr. Scratch looks to be the person that will be interacting with people in the real world as Alan finishes his story. In other words, Alan will be writing about himself in his story. Mr. Scratch is the self that will be acting out what Alan writes.

Sounds terrible, doesn't it...just a theory from someone...