Avault: Din’s Curse PC review

Avault writes: "There’s an old saying: “Familiarity breeds contempt.” Not necessarily so in the gaming world. For many years, most new first-person shooters were usually described as “Doom clones,” yet we bought them by the millions of copies, especially when developers made an attempt to not just duplicate the tried-and-true shooter formula, but also to add a slight but remarkable gameplay tweak. In the RPG realm, Diablo is the granddaddy of the dungeon-crawler. Many similar games have come and gone, while Blizzard’s seminal hack-and-slash and it’s sequel are still avidly played after more than a decade since they were released. Indie developer Soldak Entertainment has joined the crowd with Din’s Curse, adding a fast pace and an extra level of depth to the traditional RPG formula."

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Fragger2k82976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

Dang, I haven't even heard about the game until now.

I just checked out some video's and I have to say, this looks pretty sweet. It really looks like it may be just as good as Diablo.

What's even better is I should be able to run it on my ancient piece of crap computer, yay!

It's really nice that it has multiplayer, and only costs $25. I'm just wondering how long it is..