Final Thoughts on the Halo: Reach Beta

Kevin Ekeberg of Player Affinity wrote: "Armor Abilities are the biggest addition to Reach. At first, I despised them because they felt kind of cheap and tacked on. As I played the beta more and more I came to love them. Rolling as an Elite or Sprinting as a Spartan works easily, Jetpacks are great for maneuvering around maps (namely Swordbase), and Armor Lock is one of the most useful abilities in the game because you can use it to instantly drain the shields of someone who rushes with a melee attack without any damage to yourself."

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Dementious3047d ago

The beta is kinda lame, but I much rather play that than Killzone and Resistance.

RockmanII73047d ago

Better than most games
Worse than my expectations

I would give the Matchmaking an 8.9/10 but I don't play Halo for the Matchmaking