dbTechno: ModNation Racers PS3 Review

dbTechno reviews ModNation Racers for the PS3:-
"Mario Kart has owned console kart racing for decades now, but PS3 fans finally may have an answer with a brand new first-part release, ModNation Racers.
ModNation Racers is a fantastic release on the PS3 as it is the kart racer that fans of Mario Kart have been waiting for on a Sony console.
This kart racer is a combination of everything you love about Mario Kart, mixed in with plenty fo customization from the now-classic LittleBigPlanet.."

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Hanif-8763102d ago

The only fault i found with this game is that it takes a while to load, which isn't a big deal. However, its insanely fun and the best kart racing game ever made period....will someone tell me which kart game beats this in playability and fun i dare you :-)

Baba19063101d ago

i love it. im impressed by the variety of characters that have been made. yeah the loading times should be patched somehow. but it is the best racing game on the ps3 by far. i was goign to get a wii for mario kart. i dont have to anymore.