When Games Go Multi-Platform

In recent gaming news, the online community blew up upon hearing Square Enix president Yoichi Wada indicated that the company is considering a multi-platform release for Final Fantasy Versus XIII during an investor meeting in Tokyo. Previously at it was announced that the title would be a Sony PlayStation 3 exclusive.

In the video game industry, as in any business, the primary objective is to get your product in the hands of as many people as possible. Then from this point of view, going multi-platform makes a world of sense. Why should a company limit themselves to one audience when you are able to put out your product to another audience that also fits your target market?

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alphakennybody2830d ago

...original content will be cut. I don't mind game going multiplat , but I do mind when original content are cut to suit another hardware limitations.

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RosoTron362830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

LOl. I don't even have an xbox... Fanboys at their best; ignorance. I simply implied if it goes MP, don't cut the content to gimp the game even it means other platforms will have hella amount of CDs. Let's take our heads out of ass for once ladies... Maybe once... think before you speak.

Thanks Icarus ^^v I see someone also has the "Common Sense" card; and knows how to play it well.

iPad2830d ago

They have to cut content so the other system can handle it.


darthawesome902830d ago

By going multi there will be cut content and less quality. While making money is important(a plus to multi) Square should be more concerned by their reputation. I mean most people consider Final Fantasy X to be the last good game from Square and it came out almost 10 years ago! That's proof that the only reason Square is still afloat is their reputation and the hope that they will once again create a game equivalent to FFVI,VII,X, and maybe one with a story equivalent to FFVII:Crisis Core.

Square seriously needs to start thinking about quality not $. If you know your history then you know why the Japanese are beating us in the car industry, and tech industry. Build quality and your customers will come back!

kissmeimgreek2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

i doubt SE are to concerned with winning over old fans.

JAMurida2830d ago

Still though, you have to think to yourself, "How many of those people who got it on 360 would of gotten it on PS3 if it was still exclusive?" I personally know two people who had both a PS3 and 360 yet choose to get it on the 360 for personally reasons, (controller, achievements, XBL party chat, etc...). But if it was exclusive they would of went with PS3. And of course there are many other things that could of come into play. I even remember going to the BX on base and they had all the PS3 copies of FFXIII sold out, while there were at least like 5-6 copies of the 360 version in stock. If someone wanted the game and they had both consoles, they would of went with the 360 version in that case.

When you think about it that way, that 1.3 million on 360 could of been translated onto the PS3 as well, maybe not at the full 1.3 mil but at least half or little bit more maybe? I personally think SE would of still made good sales even if they did stay exclusive.

chiwoo2830d ago

yeah i agree stay on one system the power of the ps3 will make it ground breaking like titles god of war 3 uncharted 2 killzone 2 and upcoming GT5 and with nomura directing the game it could be the best FF since FF7.

DevastationEve2830d ago

To me, when I bought Resident Evil 4 on gamecube because it was exclusive at the time it didn't bother me. I already had a gamecube and several of its best games. But now in this time of economic troubles if the same scenario was to play out and instead I only had a PS2 then I would've been glad that it was later released.

From a company perspective keeping Resident Evil 4 exclusive to a console that was clearly sinking under the tide of another more popular and profitable console probably ate away at Capcom's conscience. Likewise, when Square Enix sees how well Microsoft's Xbox 360 has been able to sell and compete with other consoles...well 2 and 2 makes four doesn't it?

Now about this whole "fitting the game onto lower hardware". The thing is that Xbox 360 wasn't no dummy to HD games. Sure, it didn't ship with bluray. But it's not all that much under PS3 as the fanboys have put it. FF xiii had cuts done to it as a result of being a bad port, but technically it's still a visual masterpiece.

It's not for its graphics that the game got slammed, it's because the game is different. Ghost says above that fans of any of todays rpgs don't know what real jrpgs are. That's not true at all; just because the system is different and the development was aimed for something new doesn't take away from being a jrpg. It's just modern.

Does putting sixaxis or motion controls into a game like Uncharted or Metroid change the fact that they are 3rdPS and fps respectively? Does it make Uncharted unworthy of Tomb Taider's more "traditional gameplay"?

I'm picking up xiii on Monday. Hopefully vs xiii will be multiplat and then I'll get it as well, if not then that's cool.

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AAACE52830d ago

Based on the way SE treated this situation, it has always been a possibility that the game would go multiplat! Which is why they didn't show too much of the game. FFXIII was a test to see how people would react to a change in the formula of the franchise and to see how well it would sell on another console. If FFXIII had have sold less than 100k on the 360, then SE would have probably just kept to the Ps3 for the future games, but since the game sold pretty ok, they are considering a multiplat.

@Eddy Raja... It's no secret that content gets cut from every game that is made, reguardless of which platform it is on. The thing I don't get is, how so many gamers can complain about content getting cut before they even know what kind of content was suppose to be included!

When FFXIII was announced for the 360, gamers immediately went on the offensive about the game being gimped to fit on 360! What they fail to realize is the game was in development for several years as a Ps3 exclusive. It was announced as a multiplat a few months before the game was finished. The japanese version was released late last year in november or december.

Theoretically, that leaves a small amount of time to cut content and restructure the game for a release. The only known content missing form the game is the different languages. They couldn't alter the game too much from the original that released in japan, so it must be the game they originally intended to release!

BigPenguin2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Dude, the hell are you talking about? It took them over a year and a half to release in japan it after they announced it going multi-plat. They had said they were almost done right before the announcement.

There was also the interview where it was said that they had cut almost an entire games worth of content, then the art director was sequestered by SE and not allowed to give anymore interviews so he could never clarify his comments. Why would that happen unless they were afraid he would let slip just exactly what had been cut, and more importantly, why it had to be cut. Because when you are saying lies to the public, about how the new multi-platform release will not gimp the PS3 version, what you don't want is someone else undercutting your message.

sikbeta2830d ago

lol an article with the Headline:

"When Games Go Multi-Platform" and the Picture of the FFvs13 Character, dumb, it wasn't announced!...

A Games that was meant to be Exclusive and suddenly go Multiplat, that can only mean the game will be "Downgraded" to a level in which there is no Big Difference Between the Gaming Devices when the Game is Played, so it'll not Push the Hardware as it was meant to be...

jjohan352830d ago

Square Enix, unfortunately, has gone down the drain in recent years. I don't think they'll ever retain the charm they had in their games during the PS and PS2 generations.

mookins2830d ago

Exactly. I don't mind either but to cut content grates my nerves.

bakasora2830d ago

go f**k yourself $quareenix and wada

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patterson2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

When games go multi, things get cut and delayed. For the consumer it's a bad thing.

In the case of Square-Enix, they've gone on record with both FF's and said they were exclusive and looks like both won't be now. That makes them look bad. Had they said from the start it would be multi, people wouldn't have been as bothered.

rob60212830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

I personally think they're hoping for another big check from MS to make it go Multi-platform. (ff13vs.) Why do you think there's no mention of the 360 version yet, cause MS didn't buy it yet.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

''Why should a company limit themselves to one audience when you are able to put out your product to another audience that also fits your target market?''

Bye bye to the
Performance Capabilities
Probably a cut of a Massive Extra Content for Blu Ray Storage when they can deliver something unique without a downgrade of something because of the limitations of the other Hardware.

Bye bye to the real Final Fantasy.

IcarusOne2830d ago

Didn't the "real Final Fantasy" exist on NES, SNES, PS1, and PS2? Stop being so obsessed with tech specs. Last I checked, FF was a game about story and connecting the gamer to an emotional experience (i.e., Aeris' sacrifice). You don't need hardware for this. Just a story.

darthawesome902830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Hardware isn't that important but when the entire game is like a narrow corridor with no exploration (pulse doesn't count) in comparison to all 12 Final Fantasy's before it, you know something is wrong.

Most people are not complaining about the graphics...Just the LARGE lack of content caused by disc space. I dont mind if the hair is static and doesn't move in the wind. But I do MIND when everything that has made Final Fantasy great in the past 20 years is GONE!

Also you can tell FFXIII was not what it could have been just by looking at the battle system. The auto-battle was ridiculous, manual chaining was near impossible by the end of the game and it's obvious that much of the game was simplified to suit new people to FF (mostly on the XBOX). For example customization on FFXIII was a joke and mostly useless. Also the lack of items and spells in comparison to its predecessors was outstanding.

corneliuscrust2830d ago

A great point by icarus and look at all the disagrees.

FF wasn't about the graphics until the series got VERY stale. It USED to be about the story, which was tossed out the window years ago so that we could have the utterly linear mess of a game that is FFXIII. It was planned as eye candy from the start. It didn't end up as a lousy game because of the 360 port. It ended up as a lousy game because SE BUILT A LOUSY GAME.

RosoTron362830d ago

Exactly. Lol. Kids these days... Obviously too stubborn to realize what quality games are considering this generation is all about "DLC." At the end it's all about the bottom line; profitability. But what we gamers ask is quality.
Back then quality games turned to profitable assets/IPs. Because the fanbase increases <the best PR are fans: quality games = people will buy = words will spread = more will buy = fanbase will increase>. These days... well if the check clears who cares eh? Sad...

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Bye bye to the real FF in this Generation.

sikbeta2830d ago

That's not a Valid Point when you Talk about SE, leave alone Squaresoft

This something that people don't get it, FF Franchise is Huge, not just Huge, have millions of fans all over the world and everyone knows that, Fans are Expecting the BEST of FF, this isn't about the Game being Multiplat, the problem is that in order to achieve a High Quality Game that every FF fan is expecting, SE need to make the 2 Different Version of the Same Game and Push the Hardware of Both Platforms at the same time, it's clear that SE can't do that

If I take FF13 as an Example, what they did with that game was Creating "Middle-Quality" Game, not making it better for any of the 2 Platforms and Every FF Gamer got screwed thanks to that

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WMW2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

when games go multi-platform you don't get games that look like as good or play as good as kz2, kz3, uc2, mgs4, gow3 and gt5 plus many more.

IcarusOne2830d ago

Yeah! You get games like Arkham Asylum and Red Dead Redemption. Wait...oh, I just contradicted you.

XabiTheHumble2830d ago

There is always exceptions but notice how you only named 2 :)

corneliuscrust2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

great multiplatform games? off the top of my head...




Assassin's Creed 2

Dead Space


Castle Crashers


GTA4 (L&D and TBOGT) the expansions were great

(and if you include multiplatform that went to pc)

Gears of War

Mass Effect 1&2

L4D & L4D2

sure it's a debatable list...and ppl can argue about graphics vs gameplay and what makes a "great game", but don't act like games become junk as soon as they go multiplatform. It's up to the dev to keep the game at a high quality.

Colonel-Killzone2830d ago

Square went to the 360 simply cause of this back when ff13 was a so called "exclusive" the ps3 had 23.5 million ps3 out worldwide. Square simply underestimated the consumers thinking they was not gonna sell much if it was exclusive. Ff13 sold over 4million copies on the ps3. Seriously now a lot of people did not buy this because of the delay which was because of the 360. Square you are retarded for thinking that we would not buy this game it sold insanely in japan and crazy worldwide also. Still as long as I get my kingdom hearts I will be happy.

sikbeta2830d ago

SE is using x360 as part of their "westernization Program", they want to expand in the Western Market seeing how, by lowering the Quality of their Games, Japan is turning the back on them, they're Failing miserably by trying to do that because, Ironically, Fans from all over the world are Expecting Real JRPGs like Squaresoft used to make, which were more Appealing to the Japanese market and other Markets as well...