Will Head Mounted Displays Replace Monitors for Gaming?

Digital Trends writes: "I’ve been messing with AMD Eyefinity stuff for several months and NVIDIA’s 3D Vision platform for around year. Both are really cool, but have severe limitations that reduce their usefulness which seem to have less and less to do with the technology from each firm and more to do with the limitations of the displays that are available. There is another big push on head mounted displays coming and since I’m one of the few that used, for awhile, the $25,000 head mounted Sony display for gaming successfully I think, designed right, monitors could actually become obsolete. Granted it will take awhile, but let’s explore this."

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Hideo_Kojima2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

make comfortable to play for 5+ hours straight without any pain then i would give an arm for it to happen (metaphorically speaking)

it would be capable of stereoscopic 3D and by moving you head you would move the cameras position around the 3d world.

I can't explain it but the effect would be extreamly amazing. Imagine walking across a half broken bridge and as far as you eye sight would be concerned everything would look 100% real.

Edit: *sad face* so many negative comments bellow me... yes in the future we may be able to holgram projectors in our homes but the technology am talking about is possible already I saw a video about it on TV.

and like I said the effect would be 100% realistic and it could even recreate anything a hologram projector could by overlaying video from cameras on the glasses just like how PS Eye overlays the video.

I do agree the tech needs to be compressed in size but personally i don't even have a problem with wearing 3D glasses were as some people here seem to hate the idea.

Giant_Chibi2857d ago

I don't think Fierce Musashi is against the OPTION of having these type of monitors, I think he's against the idea of them replacing standard monitors.

The headline clearly asks, "Will Head Mounted Displays Replace Monitors for Gaming?"

I agree with Musashi and say, no, they won't replace anything, but I'm not against the idea of having this monitor coexisting with current tech. It's nice to have options.

Fierce Musashi2857d ago

I'm not against it, as Chibi said. xD I just think it would be silly to replace monitors. It would make console more accessable if they came with this stuff, though.

HolyOrangeCows2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

It certainly isn't a horrible idea. But getting everyone on the bandwagon would be extraordinarily difficult.

It could prosperous as an optional thing, sure.

rexus123452857d ago

I would imaging staring at a display very close to your eyes for 5 hours cannot be very healthy.

bunfighterii2857d ago

I hope they don't because they ruin a social aspect of gaming.

There's nothing I like more then sitting with friends, playing games like Modern Warfare 2, BC2, Uncharted 2, and even GTA and now RDR, and taking it a death at a time, passing the controller around.

It's great fun egging each other on, and just having a laugh over some video games. I can't see that happening if we're all wearing weird helmets.

zagibu2856d ago

You don't think far enough. You will still be able to have the social aspects, just IN the game.

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tplarkin72857d ago

I hope head mounted displays become good enough to replace monitors. Actually, it is inevitable that they will be good enough to compete with monitors. It will be a matter of practicality or human nature as to which people prefer.

AAACE52857d ago

I hope not, people already look stupid enough with those 3D glasses on! Not to mention they would really need to come up with some good technology to make sure a screen like that doesn't mess up your eyes... or worse... cause eye cancer!

I'll stick with having my TV 10 feet away from me and not needing glasses for anuthing!

BattleAxe2857d ago

We're starting to get into virtual reality with this type of setup.

Bereaver2857d ago

Guys, I hope they don't for several reasons, but my number one concern would be my eyes. If the screen was that close, your eyes wouldn't be happy.

badz1492857d ago

I don't think THIS will be nice to people eyes!

zagibu2856d ago

Actually, I think head-mounted retinal beamers will become the "displays" of the future. There is no sense in having to stare at little screens when you can beam the picture directly into the eye.

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Legosz2857d ago

That was the 90s. You really think they would fuck up that bad with today's technology with all the competition? Back then Nintendo was king of gaming, they could shit into a bag and call it, "Super shit" and people would buy it.

alphakennybody2857d ago

my eye would melt( in a bad way), so no.

Moonboots2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

sounds like you have just 1 left so we wouldn't want you to lose it!

Im am firmly against eye melting. =)

(I think it could be cool but only as an OPTION)

alphakennybody2857d ago

I'm a pirate, it comes with the territory.

Cyrus3652857d ago

I hope that helmet gear isn't that heavy, or people are gonna some serious neck issues, lol.

Hideo_Kojima2857d ago

Because people who ride motorcycles have neck issues from having an extra kilo on their head?

Charmers2857d ago

Whilst something will come along eventually to replace the monitor I very much doubt it will be these head mounted jobbies.

Cyrus3652857d ago

I agree, I think something mounted on your head is'll be something that is projected right front of your eyes, like a holographic display...not something you have to wear.

Milamber2857d ago

But where is the projector mounted? It would have to be mounted on the head in some way, or placed on the eye like a contact lens, if it's nano tech.

Cyrus3652857d ago

Not necessarily, it can be projected from something, or from the ground up, shot up to your eye level, think like Star Wars R2/D2 type of projection/holographic display,

Milamber2857d ago

Haha, imagine a entertainment unit that could be in your living room and could send multiple beams out so multiple people could take part. I guess they could use Natal like technology to track your movement so it can keep it beamed in the right direction. It's wierd to picture it. Still, seems better to have multiple networked headsets. As for R2D2, that would be a different kind of projection? He didn't project into the eye.

Hideo_Kojima2857d ago

once you put that helmet on you can overlay anything you want ontop of reality anyway.

So you can recreate any possible visual technology you could think of with the use of helmets.

Holograms... Sitting in the beach with friends (even though you all at your homes)... being in the movies...

Imagine wearing your helmet and watching all your movies in a virtual theater.

I have 100% faith on this technology because it works today and it is not as far away as hologram for being made cheap enough.

Also to reduce the weight you could have a central unit (like a ps5) that streams the videos out to the helmets instead of having all the gfx and cpus built in and frying your brain.

Milamber2857d ago

Or streamed from a PC? Seems technology like this would be too huge to be platform exclusive.

micro_invader2857d ago

Bubbles to you Guntrol for your intelligent replies. I'd like to see more of this technology and what it can do for gaming before I judge it.

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