Top 5 Upcoming Summer Games for Xbox 360

Xbox 360 gamers are already enjoying 2010 so far with many great exclusive and multiplatform titles. The summer releases for the system also look very promising.

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-Mezzo-2949d ago

Damn, this year has already hurt my Wallet pretty bad & still sa many games aren't even released yet.

KionicWarlord2222949d ago

I agree . I actually didn't get some games in may...nor had the time to play them .

Imperator2949d ago

I'll probably be buying Crackdown 2 and Singularity. Crackdown 2 looks good.

Inside_out2949d ago

well...crackdown was a huge hit for me and my kids...running around looking for all those one...

xxLuckyStrike2949d ago

the momentum continues...things are lookin good...and natal will top it off...the only true motion controller..

ChronoJoe2948d ago

How are 4 multiplatform games momentum? *sigh*

-MD-2949d ago

Alpha Protocol and Singularity for me.

Maybe Crackdown 2... the first one was ok but I'm not sure if I want more.

divideby02949d ago

next 360 buy game for me is Reach..

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The story is too old to be commented.