This is what Blur and Facebook will look like together

Matthew Razak writes:

"Gaming on Facebook is huuuuuge. It stands to reason then that games would want to work as easily as possible with Facebook, and so we receive Blur's Facebook integration."

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Ironfungus3076d ago

Applications on Facebook are huuuuuge.

Fixed that for you.

Charmers3076d ago

Hm I believe farmville is a game and that has nearly 32 million people using it on a daily basis. So I would say it is correct "Gaming on Facebook is huuuuuge".

AbyssGravelord3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

Casual gaming on Facebook is huuuuuge.

Charmers3076d ago

Oh yeah right "casual" gaming that term can mean so much I personally consider gaming on a console to be "casual" gaming myself. However whatever label you want to give it the fact is farmville is a game that 32 million people play on a daily basis.

Now not all of those 32 million people will be interested in blur but it is still a massive audience that developers wouldn't mind tapping into by linking their games with facebook.

Anon73493075d ago

If you're talking about multiplayer gaming, then yes pretty much everything on consoles is casual besides Blazblue/tekken/ect.

Although casual means you don't do it often so technically farmvillers and MW2ers could be considered "Hardcore."

Myself, I only think dedicated FPS/RTS gamers can really be considered hardcore, well them and extreme completists.

IdleLeeSiuLung3075d ago

console gaming is casual, unless you play it a lot! *SHOCK*

Montrealien3075d ago

hey D3athTillDawn, you wanna argue on what casual gaming is with me? Send me a tell.

little hint.

Casual gaming = Gaming.

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karlowma3075d ago

More notifications to figure out how to block. RIP my wall :/


xbox live vs gaming Applications on Facebook... neeee what
farmville a game that 32 million people play, I will say, 32 m people playing a game in work.

ZILLA3075d ago

MIDNIGHT CLUB has been doing power ups since DUB EDITION!!if you love cars and want a smile from ear to ear when racing,get MC L.A...ITS SIIIIICK!

Montrealien3075d ago

uhhh, RC Pro Am? Mario Kart? Yeah, good thing Midnight club put them power ups on cars or else we would not have Blur, amirite?