Spawn Kill Review: Nier

David "Snarkasaur" Stewart of Spawn Kill reviews the latest "action-rpg" to come out of developer Cavia's twisted group of minds. Read the full review to see where this game makes its mark.

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tigresa3099d ago

So weird, you point out a lot of it's flaws but they're so worth overlooking that it's 9 material. I'm interested in the characters/plot though a lot from hearing you talk about it all week so I picked it up! I'm really excited, I probably would have passed it by otherwise.

K-Tuck3099d ago

LP2 was much the same. Lots of flaws, and frustrating at first, but once you really dived into it there was a lot to love.

rrquinta3099d ago

Wow, I hadn't heard anything good about this game so far... in fact, Joystiq couldn't even finish it! Now I have to read your full review and see why you gave it a 9. Maybe I shouldn't have passed on this one after all...

sjeen663098d ago

this game is 9.5 i played it and its great it makes u remember the old days with the nice story and great side quest's i love it and cant stop playing it.