ONM: Pokémon Black & White Starters: Your Say

ONM writes: "Tsutaja, Pokabu and Mijumaru are the names on every Pokémon fan's lips at the moment. The three Black & White Starters were unveiled last week and they are the subject of much discussion. In fact, people were even giving their opinions of them when they were just silhouettes with Argetlam commenting "I'm worried as they seem EXTREMELY similar to previous generation starters, with bits copied and pasted from different sources!'"

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Fierce Musashi2976d ago

Give the series a break already. lol xD

turok2976d ago

...Retarded. And the blue one... Im not even gonna start where the problem is with the blue one. Ninty this is one of those times for pokemon to take a freaking break for like 2-3 years before coming out with something new I mean come on... I like pokemon but this? If i ever pick this game up most likely ill choose whatever starter pokemon and then dump it by gym 4...

chisox1002970d ago

The first one seems cool but the evolve forms better be cool. Same goes for the water one, he could be a bad ass killer polar bear or something