ModNation Racers: Mario, Iron Man, Jesus, Krusty, and More

ModNation's not even out until next week, but already people have made some fantastic mods (drivers). Here are 25 of the best.

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N4GAddict2977d ago

Charlie Brown looks great

Montrealien2977d ago

yeah, I was suprised when I logged on the first time to see so many look alikes already available.

captain-obvious2977d ago

mario, lugie and spider man has been top three on mod spot for like week and a half i think

kaveti66162977d ago

Fairly obvious answer. It's just not worth getting killed over.

inveni02977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

My Ironman is better:

Glyn_Dwr2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

...from the beta if you want to check them out they are here:

Obviously there was limited tools in the beta, but I can definitely see a big improvement in the retail version! Alot of polishing during the time between beta and release date! Well done UFG!

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bearsfaan2977d ago

I think Spidey is my fav. But Iron Man is really, really good too.

-Alpha2977d ago

It's amazing how great the character creation is in MNR. Even LBP doesn't compare when it comes to customizing your Mod/Sackboy.

I'd like to see Mm incorporate some of this.

inveni02977d ago

LBP offers just as much customization (well, minus material or skin customization). What you see in MNR is all done with stickers. In LBP, though, it's really hard to place stickers on your sackboy exactly where you want them because the popit stuff gets in the way. If they would do a patch that would do away with the popit when you're trying to customize your character, then there would be tons of ways to make him awesome.

Blacktric2977d ago

Solid Snake rocks (as usual)...

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The story is too old to be commented.