Killzone 3: What Gamers Want

RevoltTechnology Writes:

Finally confirmed to be in development, rumours and speculation are abound about what Sony will show at E3 regarding its flagship FPS. Even more recently, screenshots from Gamepro Magazene have been leaked! Call it a gamers 6th sense but I just have that feeling that this game is going to be BIG. However, what do we want from it? What do we, as gamers, need taken out or put into Killzone 3 to make it a better game?

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DA_SHREDDER2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

But at least have an option to take the weightiness off completely. Also, whats the point of the cover system if you cant take it online? Just add prone and that solves the supposed "slower online game play" which was the reason why they took it out of MP last year. I hope they stream line the party and search engine for the online, but with Naughty Dog's help, I bet that they are gonna take care of all that. I also want BC dlc from KZ2. I bought every map pack and I wanna use them in the next game for free, no download required. Add mechs online and we have a winner. Loving the complete destructible environments rumor going around. I hope it is true.

Fanb0y2951d ago

Weighty controls with no aim assist... not that fun to play with.

Chubear2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

Give an option for auto aim in KZ2 SP&MP and also give option to turn off the sim for X-hairs weapon kick back (i.e keep X-hairs stays in one stagnant place like other noobified FPSs)

but keep the weight feel. This is Killzone, not another CoD4 clone#197283. If you can't handle it with these options then maybe Barbies Pony Adventures is more your speed... or MW2, same difference :)

Just for the love of all things gaming pls let us Killzone gamers have the option to play KZ the way it is meant to be played (with all the noob assists off) and give us a trophy for completing it that way.

swinesucker2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

Your advice is not going to happen. Never split your community with the noobs vs the people that actually try to play the game. BAD decision. AUTO AIM LOFL. This is online gaming. If you cannot keep up then get the **** out.

zireno2951d ago

I consider myself to be in the side of the "hardcore" crowd and I did play a s***load of killzone 2 and loved it, but I think that the controls do have a problem. After all the hype about killzone 3 started to emerge I decided to spend some time with killzone 2 again, I played a lot when it was released for about 6-7 months and then moved on to other games, and seriously I didn't even bother finishing the opening mission last night because of the controls. I know that most of you say that there is nothing wrong with them and it's alright but like many others are saying they at least should put the option to remove or tone down the weightiness and have auto aim only FOR THE SINGLE PLAYER, and I want to make my point clear that it's only for single player because I know that in the multiplayer part that wouldn't be fair to the crowd that loves the weighty controls. I really dislike the super human/arcade feel of call of duty 4 and modern warfare 2, but games like battlefield bad company 2 really nailed IMO the perfect balance. If you haven't played the game really check it out to know what I mean (at least rent it), they put a weighty feel in the controls that doesn't feel like a drag and the aim assist only helps you to an extent (and you can turn it off). Anyway it's just my opinion, but it would be awesome if the just put the options in the SP campaign.

morganfell2951d ago

Keep telling it like it is Chubear.

swishman2951d ago

COD has the best gampeplay and controls ever, thats why they OWN 90% of the Xbox and PSN users.

I think WHAT KZ2 NEEDS is 60 FPS!!! COD gameplay is built around its high framerate.

Noone cares about screenshots people wanna play and when u play kz2 and then go to COD theres no comparison, COD feels sooo much better.

kneon2951d ago

COD feels like a game of paintball

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SeanRL2951d ago

The controls in killzone 2 definitely sucked.

deadreckoning6662951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

"The controls in killzone 2 definitely sucked"

A year ago I would have flamed you for this comment, but ur PARTLY right. I appreciate Killzone 2 for putting emphasis on the skill of a player's aiming instead of giving the advantage to people who may have better reflexes..however at the same time, having better reflexes than someone else is a skill in itself.

BC2 offers both a mix of skill and twitch, this is the perfect balance IMO. In KZ2, I think the aiming is OVER-realistic. GG over did it with the recoil in some guns(I loved the STAG btw). I've shot a rifle a couple times before, and let me say, even with the recoil..u STILL have some sense of control. This is what I see in BC2.

The gunplay in KZ2 is still very fun, but its overdone in some spots.
Btw, I DON'T suck. Check my records if ud like. I'm first place in EVERY Warzone game I'm in about 70-80% of the time.

@Lazarus- No one said anything about Halo or COD...I'm talking about BC2.

Lazarus692951d ago

The controls in Killzone 2 are fine just because they aren't like COD or Halo doesn't mean they suck

-Alpha2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

I have to agree with Lazarus. The controls take time getting used to but they are great.

I liked them since the update. Originally it was too clumsy close-quarters and it made for some silly gameplay when you'd be a few feet from the guy and couldn't even have micro-precision to kill a guy.

People will instantly cry "COD player" but just because one end of the spectrum doesn't work doesn't mean that the other end is better. I like the way it is now: you can see it best when sniping. Before you'd have to flick the stick which was clumsy but now there is instant responsiveness. All of this while managing to keep the same chunky feel and meaty gameplay, it's the perfect balance IMO. I don't know why you guys are complaining about the controls.

It's not twitchy like COD nor is is unresponsive so you wont look like a moron doing a dance around someone close-quarters.

Anyways, what I want to see:

-same controls-- the game has an absolutely amazing feel to the guns
-A party system
-A proper map voting screen. I have NEVER seen people bother with the voting because the screen is tucked away where nobody looks
-More customization options for custom games, ability to turn off grenades, etc.
-Less map chokepoints, bigger maps in general. Some of them were too small for 32 players.
-Great emphasis on character in story, keep the same great gameplay
-How about the cover system for online? It may slow down gameplay but if adding destructibility it'd be perfectly complimentary!
-More guns, and really, more goodies when leveling up. More ranks in general. We don't necessarily need to unlock guns and stuff, but skins, armor types (that don't affect gameplay), etc. would be a nice way to reward players
-Proper melee- there is apparently Gears-of-War type melee moves so hopefully we see that in MP. The problem with melee was that it took two hits. With no aim assist of any kind it was impossible to execute and always served little purpose. Melee was useless, and the ribbon to get it is such a pain.
-A PROPER in-game Theater mode!
-Ability to view leaderboards, clans, etc. IN-GAME. Remove the clunky in-game browser
-Better server information and create official playlists maybe?
-Class balancing. Assault class is always removed from most modes because players know how terrible it is: the fact that you can go in a room, suicide, get rewarded and not get punished is silly. Punish suiciders with a longer respawn time. Also, the fact that the assault had extra armor and a devastating weapon was a bad choice, as well as speed that rapidly regenerated health to boot. Such a noob class.

Other then that the classes were fine. My one problem is moron tactitian players but that's the fault of stupid players.

Mista T2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

you mean controls like in all other fps games/franchises:
Medal of Honor
Half Life 2, Portal, Team Fortress 2 (The orange box)
Left 4 Dead
Far Cry
Counter Strike

The list goes on, or are you fanboys gonna say these games don't require "skill" either?

iPad2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

The controls don't suck. You just suck at the game.

n4gno2951d ago

controls in kz2 are not for casuals/arcade/noobs, they are just perfects, the better players are always 1, or 2, not like in "call for noobs", where everybody can be first or last.

HolyOrangeCows2951d ago

"In KZ2, I think the aiming is OVER-realistic"

Don't ya miss the times when 1 bubble trolls didn't even show?

DarkSpawnClone2951d ago

i had no problem with killzone 2 controls but its easier for me to play with different control types then cod :P cod is probably one of my fav tho for fps control's i don't care if it feels weight but i like the layout of cod control's,but killzone has so much potential iv ever seen in a fps and i think we will see a way better new and improved 100% better then killzone 2 they will have learned from killzone 2 mistakes im sure of that and try to make it more friendly for other players but still keep it hardcore enough for the hardcore. going prone would be cool

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Imperator2951d ago

Now that they have the engine ready, they can fully focus on everything else. And with the help of other Sony devs, KZ3 will blow us all away.

karl2951d ago

just another


WMW2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

i hope the controls stay the same so it doesn't get infested with noobs like the cod and halo fans we don't need that trash in the last good fps. kz2 has a 91 on metacritics and won best fps from lots of sites the problem isn't the controls it is the people who suck that have the problem.

deadreckoning6662951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

If you think Halos for noobs, then you've obviously never been in an online match in Halo 3. Ud get torn to shreds. Ur logic, as well as the logic of many on this site is flawed. Why does one game have to suck for another to be good?? Just because KZ2 was a good shooter, why can't Halo and COD ALSO be good shooters as well?

Whatever, MW2 and Halo 3 are the two most successful shooters this console generation. North America has spoken.

@WMV- As soon as u mentioned metacritic...thats when I stopped taking u seriously.

Anon73492951d ago

As a PC gamer I can say this, Halo is the SSBB of FPS. It's not to be taken seriously, because the game is suppose to be a casual party game.

People who take Halo serious are no different than people who take Smash Brothers serious.

While killzone is like Street fighter in comparison to Halo/Smash Bros.

Then there's PC gaming which is like blazblue.

Long Story Short, PC FPS(Crysis/Team Fortress/Quake/CS/ect)>Kill zone and Halo shouldn't even be compared even though it's a similar genre.

boodybandit2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

Deadreckoning Halo is one of the easiest to pick up and play FPS games I have ever played. So I would say it is definitely casual (noob) friendly. I just finished ODST today. Picked it up to get into the Reach beta. I know a ton of casual FPS gamers that run right through Halo.

Any shooter online can be competitive and played strategically with the right players. That doesn't make it a complex game. Halo online is all about controlling the power weapon spawns. At least that is how 3 was. I didn't get around to downloading the Reach beta until a couple days ago and only played it for an hour online. So I don't know if that has changed much this time around.

DA_SHREDDER2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

Why does everyone assume im a casual gamer with no skills? Yo I got top 10 percent online rank trophies for those who are wondering. With a 1.71 KDR in MAG. Unlike you guys who people who are brand restrictive, I play games that I like, I tried to like KZ2 and did for the most part, but just like most of my friends, we hated the weightiness. Wanna call me a noob or whatever? Add me on psn and see who is the noob?

BTW, i would love MAG controls for KZ3. I would cry tears of joy.

Raf1k12951d ago

KZ2 is great and the weightiness is great too. It's part of what makes K2 what it is and helps set it apart from other FPS games which are basically copy & paste jobs most of the time.

A lot of people complain about it as though it's somehow unfair to them when they don't realise that the weightiness is there for everyone not just them so it is fair.

You can't expect all games to be similar just because they're in the same genre. You have to learn to adapt to the way each game works just as you do when you're new to online multi-player or just new to gaming. You start off crap at it and maybe even hating it but after a while once you get used to it you start to enjoy it and there's no problem anymore.

I've played FPS games since the Doom days so for me it was a breath of fresh air and hope they stick with it.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

KZ2 proves there aren't skilled gamers.

Just you don't have the Skills to play with that kind of design.

And Auto Aim it is for n00bs.

saint_john_paul_ii2951d ago

not every game needs to be COD, and COD sucks. its a game for noobs and campers. not even Halo promotes that kind of gaming.

saint_john_paul_ii2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

not every game needs to be COD, and COD sucks. its a game for noobs, campers and boosters. not even Halo promotes that kind of gaming.

and to run kz3 at 60 frames per second means that the graphics would have to get downgraded, which is stupid. on top of that frame rate has nothing to do with the gameplay, both framerates can give you the same intensity when in the middle of the action.

FACTUAL evidence2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

Online Co-op campaign.
Party invites like MW2 did for ps3
Making Aiming down the sites USEFUL!(dam hip firing fest unless sniping)
Standard free for all (up to 12 people)
3-4 of each weapon type (3 snipes 3 automatics 3 launchers ect)

Tsar4ever012951d ago

Fisrt, I'd like to see MORE VARIED LOCATIONS, either multiple landcapes on a single planet or different landscapes on multiple planets. I like what I saw in KZ2 but It all looked either too GREY or BROWN. And also I would like gurilla to change some of the weapons muzzle flashes when firing. I thought the muzzle flashes looked better in KZ1/ps2. but the muzzle flashes of the auto assult weapons in Raibow6: las vegas 1 was buy far the best I've seen in most FPS shooters. So I would definetly like KZ3 to imatate R6: las vegas method of weapons firing.

Morituri2951d ago

Mechs online?
Cover system?
Remove the weightyness?

That just aint Killzone man.

I do agree about the DLC though.

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karan86242951d ago

We are a brand new site, and I hate to try and promote, but please leave your comments on the article as to what else you would want in the game. And if you wish, sign up. Members are appreciated!

LeonSKennedy4Life2951d ago

How about making Sev taller?

Also...why make the weapons kill faster? That's why people like Killzone. It's not based on luck.

Good article though. I look forward to reading your stuff in the future. Bubbles.

patterson2951d ago

What I want? I want a compelling single player experience with a good storyline. Everything else already looks great.

iPad2951d ago

I don't think Killzone 3 will release this year due to Gran Turismo 5.

Raf1k12951d ago

I'd love a 2010 release but I'd much rather they take their time with it and make it uber awsome.

MexicanAppleThief2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

1)Deep custimization options. E.g modifications to your appearance, armor, weapons and skills.

2)Killzone 2 had a mode similar to 'horde mode', I want that expanded, with ability to drop in and out with friends (offline and online), vehicles and more AI diversity.

3)Use mechas, tanks, vehicles and jetpacks an all forms of online and offline play.

4)Fully destructible enviroments but none of that prebaked stuff. I know that PS3 can handle stuff like this, (they made all bullets ray-traced in K2 for crying out loud).

5)Split screen campaign and co-op mission which can be played offline/online.

6)Ability to record online matches and export to PS3's hardrive.

7)ALOT of online options e.g tweak how many weapons allowed in matches, pre-chosen spawn points by host, votes, AI animation speed stuff like that, mechas vs tanks etc.

8)Tons of weapons but not like Borderlands where there's little difference between them. Lot of unique weapons and more melee weapons couldn't hurt.

9)Live feeds on whats going on at Killzone 3 as soon as you jump into any online mode, community events, top ten kills etc. Make the community feel alive and together, not isolated.

10)Do something unique. FPS's these days have a hard time differentiating themselves from others. Weighty controls isn't enough, do something special.

As you can tell, I'm expecting tons of stuff from K3 and even if they add half of what I've mention I'll be a happy gamer. I have so much more ideas but I don't even know how to tell the GG devs, if anyone has their email or whatever or someone kind of feedback page, post this stuff (along with any more ideas you might have). :)

-Alpha2951d ago

Excellent list and I pretty much was thinking the same thing. It's all about adding gameplay variety now.

iPad2951d ago

"I know that PS3 can handle stuff like this, (they made all bullets ray-traced in K2 for crying out loud)." Sounds amazing. More details please? The bullet ray-traced thing confused me.

Raf1k12951d ago

You might wana post it in the official K2 forum too. Someone will have most likely started a thread for what people want in K3.

saint_john_paul_ii2951d ago

you should put this on the blog share or the KZ/GG/PS forums.

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