Father of the Xbox to Leave Microsoft, Possibly?

Koku writes: "There is a possibility that J Allard, the head of the design team responsible for the Xbox, Xbox 360 and Zune, will be leaving Microsoft, due to fallout over the cancellation of his latest project."

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Cinotix2982d ago

I can safely say that Microsoft might be screwed when it comes to coming up with a great idea for the next console, for now though let's hope this doesn't happen.

kaveti66162982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

If this guy was responsible for green-lighting the final design of the 360, then it would be best if he left. The RROD thing hurt Microsoft a lot. I understand that a team of engineers designed the 360, but this guy is the guy who signed off on it. Microsoft needs better design engineers and heads of development, in my opinion. Allard was responsible for the original Xbox, the Zune, and the 360?

The original Xbox and the Zune were not very successful endeavors, and the 360 can attribute its success to everything except Allard's involvement.

Good riddance, baldy. Microsoft needs to shape up its teams.

Edit: And considering that the Xbox and Zune are merely competing products for existing products like the Ipod and the Playstation, how can one call Allard an innovative man?

-Alpha2982d ago

Exactly what I was going to say. Head of Design Team, what a joke that ended up to be.

ThanatosDMC2982d ago

Even kaveti6616 understands that this guy needs to get his ass out of design team. MS would not be screwed they'd be better off without him.

gamingisnotacrime2982d ago

just imagine how much better the 360 rep would be. There is a lot going in favor of the 360, but the faulty hardware overshadows many of its pros

webeblazing2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

even without rrod x360 wasnt how yall making it seem. all 360s pro was software hardware standpoint the 1st xbox was better built def didnt had all these over priced accessories that you need.

Trroy2982d ago

The business folks shoved the 360 out the door before the GPU was ready. It wasn't ready for primetime, and the business folks said "ship it, we need to beat Sony out the door".

It had nothing to do with the ambitious hardware design -- no one tells the tech guys that their deadline is going to be cut back by a year until it happens.

bootsielon2982d ago

He's not even the father of the Xbox, that was Seamus Blackley. Who writes this stuff?

Blaze9292982d ago

Pfft, if they placed me on the Zune team I'd leave too.

Bigpappy2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

J Allard is a software designer, not hardware. He is the GUI designer and the creator of all things Xbox live. Blaim him for stuff like unique ID's, achievements, Party and cross game chat; xbox arcade; Fiends list; Leader boards. Before Xbox, he was the man be hind MSN and Massenger. He is also a gamer. So he is the guy that has been a pain in Sony. He is one of the original guys to work on Xbox, but is really the father of what online gaming has become on all consoles. If M$ were to loose him, that would be the biggest blow to 360 that I could think of. They may be able to move on and go beyone what he has done, but I would be scared to let a guy with such great forsight and talent go out there and become competition. If there is one guy at M$ you should all respect, this is the guy. He is simply put "The best in the business".

darkmurder2981d ago

This is hardly a blow to the 360, this guy left because MS cancelled the courier project which although it was a great idea there's just no way it can be feasible yet. This guys imagination was way too big for his own good and as a result he put his cards on the table and died by the sword, his own fault really.

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captain-obvious2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

so many big name left the industry
i wont be surprised if this happened

since he's not that big / known

Inside_out2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Well...not trying to be the most successful line of products ever...I'm sure he's a smart guy and all but lets be honest...

In related news...Apple wants to dive into the console market and is looking for an experienced fellow to help out...know anybody...Hmmmmm...just saying...

Montrealien2982d ago

to be fair, there was a whole team behind the creation of Xbox and the 360. Not just J allard.

-Alpha2982d ago

Yeah but if he's the head of the design team then he was the one who ultimately takes responsibility for what the team does.

Montrealien2982d ago

don`t get me wrong, if we look for anyone to blame for the 360 debacle, J allard is the one to fall. I just meant that even if he left, they still got a very deep pool of designers, this is Microsoft.

come to think about it, I am sure the fact that he was moved away from Xbox within MS a while ago is proof that he already took the fall for that stupid stupid design flaw.

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gameseveryday2982d ago

I dont think so its going to matter. People come and go, but innovation goes on. Do we still need Newton to work in the field of technology? NO! lol. Its just the way every organization out there works.

Ziriux2982d ago

Agreed, but it's always a risk to have someone that doesn't have console or gamer experience trying to attempt something different like a gaming console. This time it has to be made sure that the console is ready to go and wont have defects like the 360 did with the red rings.

elicymet2982d ago

Allard's known to be a pretty uppity guy, so I could see this happening; the question is, will it have a tangible effect on the quality of Microsoft ideas (an oxymoron?)?

I'm not the guy's biggest fan, but I'd like to see him stick around to help innovate with their next console; if the fallout does send him packing, I'd say take your courier somewhere else (legal issues notwithstanding), Mr. Allard.

Ziriux2982d ago

This reminds me of Activison and Infinity Ward, great people leaving because of a stupid dispute.

Natsu X FairyTail2982d ago

I wonder what his project was?

Ziriux2982d ago

Told my self i wouldn't comment again hehe, it was the Coriour, something like a book that folds that you can use to type great for journalists, it also featured other things on it. Engadget has a story on it if you go to the site and search.

Theonik2982d ago

Natal... *Dramatic gopher music*
Nah it's what Ziriux said. The courier looked like an amazing concept too. Too bad it will most likely never see the light of day. (Video related to product)

iceman062982d ago

That DID look pretty cool. It seemed like something to give the Ipad a run for it's money. As you said...too bad it probably won't see the light of day. Maybe in another form!?!? Xbook!?!? Zune Pad HD!?!?*LOL*

cain1412982d ago

That would not be good for MS...

niceguywii602982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Yes and when Ken Kutaragi left, PS3 was doomed lol.



I don't know what he is thinking, probably *Sony would be in first place and I would be taking credit and still working as the head PS3 guy*

iPad2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Did Ken Kutaragi leave when the PS3 was doing horrible in 2007? If so, I wonder what he's thinking right now.

Theonik2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

He's still honorary CEO in SCEI. Also i doubt he's thinking anything at this point other than his huge stacks of money. lol
(or at how the reason Ps3 is not leading the Wii is because he left even though he is the one responsible for that)
Edit: Stealth disagrees lol
Edit2: At bellow. Yeah that is true his designs were great but he problem was his attitude in the later years that was hurting Sony's PR. Some of his comments were so c*ocky that they hurt the PS3 to this day.

Meryl2982d ago

fact is everyone panicked too quickly ken was intelligent and he designed and created a real beast - the ps3, i mean without him i worry for the next ps, i want krazy ken back, ps3 is brlliant and is hitting back right now

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