Super Mario Galaxy Play-Time Data/Thoughts shows the play-time data for Super Mario Galaxy and shares thoughts on the original game.

CwG says in one section, "The total reported number of play sessions is 21,219,371, with an average of 15.83 sessions per person reporting data. As the first picture showed, we've only contributed 8 play sessions to the total number reported. One of those play sessions was from my wife starting her own game, so that means I finished the game in seven play sessions."

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CoffeewithChess2830d ago

Is anybody picking up SMG2 tomorrow? If so, did you play the original SMG, and if so, how much?

respawnaction2830d ago

These guys are surely pumped for SMG2:

Venox20082830d ago

Becouse it's formula is not ruined, everything is nice + yoshi :) I just love that :) and mario has a lot of great games (good RPG's, platformers and more), I think that most of players should try first one (one of the best games for me), not becouse it's mario, but for it's good presentation, unique levels, gravitation, puzzles and more... second should be not worse, and I think it will be even better :)