7 Most Brutal Finishing Moves Ever

Here is a collection of the most epic finishing moves in the video game world. Warning: Don't try this at home (seriously, where are you going to find a chainsaw bayonet anyway?)

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Serjikal_Strike2705d ago

what bout GOW3

or SSF4

all im saying is this list fails...

Army_of_Darkness2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

The finishings on that game were sooo pathetic!!! I heard it was watered down, but gawdamn! that bad!!! wtf?! did they do to mortal kombat!?!?

I swear, the next MK better have Kratos as an exclusive charater on the PS3! he'll show them how to really Finish someone!!

ThanatosDMC2704d ago

I was disappointed with MKvDC. I wanted to brutally super heroes.

Legosz2704d ago

I was expecting too see 7 God of War 3 clips...

FordGTGuy2705d ago

Poseidon was killed brutally.

kghapa2705d ago

Omg, I actually straight up shouted "aaaaah, nooooooo!" when the eye part happened. Effin nasty (but brilliant)

Transporter472705d ago

since when does death beg for mercy DEATH? seriously what a pansy, i mean he takes Death's Scythe and kill him with it, that Death is the weakest Death ever

DelbertGrady2705d ago

Castlevania SOTN Death is a little bit weaker.

Inside_out2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Well, I like guns and fists......

Alan Wake...this has some incredible light based moments...Flare Gun and Flash Grenades...

Gears...well...they had a video...brutal is best description...

Splinter Cell Conviction...Personal favorite here based on REAL world Krav Maga fighting principles....check out the video...ALL those moves done on XBL DEMO...crazy, I know...Use those elbows son...chk out Part 2 if you have a chance, it has the meat sheild stuff...this is part one...ENJOY...

room4142705d ago

madison chainsawing the taxidermist in the balls is right up there for me

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The story is too old to be commented.