Did a UK Company Make an American Football Game Better Than Madden?

To answer the question posed in the title quite simply, based on the demo of Backbreaker, in some aspects yes, and in others no. From the sounds of it, Backbreaker has the makings of one of the biggest fails ever. It is an American football game made by a small British company known for making physics engines. Add in the fact that NFL rights are unavailable to anyone but EA and you have the makings of what should be another fallen title taken down by the mighty, monopolistic Madden.

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johnbknight2955d ago

I really like this game, I think it is just fun.

divideby02955d ago

what about camera angle

johnbknight2955d ago

The camera angles take some getting used to, some are just weird, but a lot of them, especially on the tackles, are very cool.

omegaheat2955d ago

I liked the dynamic camera angles. I saw things that I could only wish that were in Madden. I enjoyed the kickoffs, the stadiums looked better, the way the ball carrier becomes sparkled in gold aswell as the ball. It is a videogame, and I like it's attempt to make the game fun again. EA should learn alot from these guys and stop celebrating mediocrity. Too bad it will never sell well because if it doesn't have NFL and NCAA patched on it, I can't see it happening. It would have been the perfect game for an NCAA football game with no licensed players.

cain1412955d ago

That's what I loved about the game, is that it felt fun. It really needs to get the NFL license for people to care though. Which is a shame...

cain1412955d ago

I love the mini game. I am not a fan of the passing mechanics yet or the camera angles...

johnbknight2955d ago

yeah the mini game is probably the best part, I could play that by itself for an hour or two and be completely satisfied...

midi2955d ago

Am I weird for having heard very very little about this game?

cain1412955d ago

It's been pretty small amoung non-sports blog circles...

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