Halo: Reach Beta Wrap-up and Preview

NXT Gamer's Graydon looks at the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta and what we can expect from the full release.

"For the last two weeks, gamers on the 360 have been enjoying the multiplayer beta for Bungie’s newest addition to the Halo franchise, Halo: Reach. This is the fifth offering in the series from Bungie and like always, the game keeps up with the hype that surrounds the Halo franchise with the games high quality and polish, which is higher than some fully released games..."

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Codinthepocket2979d ago

Now we wait for the full game to come out: definitely going to be one of 2010's big timesinks...

m232979d ago

Yep, now the real wait begins. The beta kept me really busy while it was on and I had tons of fun. Can't wait for the final game.

Inside_out2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

September...looking foward to E3 for some SP game play...Reach looking great...Sad, N4G a PS3 fanboy haven now...Chk out the vid...AWESOME!!!

peowpeow2978d ago

Loved the beta :) certainly alot of fun. It helped that I got a running riot on my first game.

Bring on the campaign!

Graydon2979d ago

I definitely had a lot of fun with the game and its going to distract me a good deal of time this fall :D

mittwaffen2979d ago

Lets hope they fix it up before release, I will not be buying it if it stays the same.

WMW2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

i wouldn't get my hopes up if i were you bungie aren't known for their innovation. halo has been the same since it launched. lol halo is basically the same as marathon that is how uncreative they are.

m232979d ago

Forge, Saved Films, File Share, party playing, Screenshots, stat tracking, 4 player co-op, etc.

I don't get how you can say halo has been the same as the first, and that bungie is not innovative.

Graydon2979d ago

They have said in their development blogs that the bugs that were in the beta are fixed and they just didn't fix them in the beta or people would of had to keep downloading the client.

otherZinc2979d ago

Those modes were great, I wanted more time, but now I have time to play other games.

Looking very forward to September 2010.