Resumeplay: Dust Devils XBLA Review

Resumeplay writes: "In July 2095, we are out of resources and have taken our search to space. Mars seems to be our best chance when we find a “Crystal” that can provide resources. You are then given the mission to assist your fleet in excavating Mars to find a much-needed resource but there are pretty of enemies that attempt to destroy that very mission. Developed by Ouch Games, Dust Devils is a sci-fi action shooter game where you are to ensure the excavation on Mars goes as planned and the protection of those involved. Of course, sometimes things don’t go as planned. You’re facing a resistance and you have your Dustfly to protect the very existence of humanity."

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NYShotgun062924d ago

But so much for this game. It feels and looks like Aegis Wing but not free. =\

brandynevils2924d ago

Seems fun, love a lot of xna games

SKGamer2924d ago

Sounds like the game is decent but not great, but at only $1 I guess why not try it? Thanks for the frank review.

mau642924d ago

Sounds like fun, many of these game i have never even heard of.

smashly2924d ago

yeah they should definitely promote these more at least on the dashboard or something.

rogue06742924d ago

Yeah it was a fun game and it would've been great to see it on the dashboard. That would've at least gotten some more people to try it out.