2nd Alan Wake DLC Called “The Writer”

HellDescent writes: "Upon looking at the Downloadable Content menu in Alan Wake, we have noticed that not only has “The Signal” been detailed with a countdown, but a 2nd DLC chapter has been announced. "

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josh143993129d ago

too much dlc coming too soon. i dont mind the free one but having an expensive piece of dlc so soon especially for a short game kinda pisses me off. i completed the game on hard in under 10 hours and now they expect me to pay 800ms points for something that will Probably be 2 hours long at most.

Arsenic133129d ago

I wonder what soon is. Since Signal comes out in July, the next one must be later on if its going by the same time delay thing. They should be cheaper though, $10 is alot, depending on what we get though.

Inside_out3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

The free DLC isn't till July 27...The story in this game is so twisted...Fans head over to the AW spoiler threads at Neogaf for some eye opening OPINIONS on the story...On my second play-thru...only have 620 achievements so I need a few more...

BTW...this game is not least 12+ hrs on my first play thru...Now on my second it seems even one T.v...

Chapter 4 is that over and game is incredible...

Arnon3129d ago

Man me too. I cannot find that last TV for the life of me. Also, a lot of the manuscript pages are hard as hell to locate as well.

Biggest3129d ago

It would be cool if all of that DLC was on the original disk. Maybe next time around.

Elven63129d ago

The first set of DLC is free for anyone who bought the game new and is just over two months away. The second set was announced but a release date is TBA.

Arsenic133129d ago

Same. I just hope these are episodes that last for hours and not just mini pieces. For $10, I want a new episode with multiple parts.

Elven63128d ago

The current episodes are well over an hour long as is, some are close to two hours if you search for manuscripts, thermoses, radios, tvs, weapon caches, etc. I doubt Remedy would break that pacing.

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peeps3129d ago

dlc is good however making gamers pay to find out how the game 'really ends' is not :(

Elven63128d ago

Lets wait for the DLC to actually come out before we jump to conclusions, Alan Wake from post gold interviews was always meant to be a game that was spread across various episodes or even games. I think the writer behind Alan Wake said something like Alan Wake was the "end of season one".

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